Thursday, 21 November 2013


I was talking to a client a few days ago, and we were just chatting on about perception and how skewed it can be when she blurted out, "I had heard that you were arrogant, but chatting with you, I see you aren't at all". This got me thinking, the first instinct was to retaliate and get really rude about what has been said about me, but I started entertaining the thought more and more and I found myself wondering who had said this and why? How could it be that the perception of me is nothing close to what is being said??? I then remembered my favourite saying "A wolf does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep" and that put paid to that bullshit then and there.
The reason I brought this up is that we have a tendency to give a lot of our power away to people of no consequence, and that perception is nothing more than uninformed opinion, and we know how much opinion and an asshole have in common don't we. People use perception/opinion like they have some kind of right to exercise it, and the reality is that it says more about you than it does the other party. The ability to think before you speak these days seems to be overrated and the art of sometimes just shutting up and listening lost in an era of overrated self indulgent self importance.
I bet you're thinking I should practise what I preach, and that I should be a sheep and pay some attention to what opinions are raised about me. I'm afraid the sheep's clothing just makes me itchy and scratchy, and never really fooled anyone.
That's all just an opinion however...

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