Friday, 17 January 2014

Anti Social Media....????

Love or hate social media, that’s completely up to you, but today and it’s early in the day so that’s not good, but here is my line in the sand. I am not going to go on about opinions and assholes again I have said it way to often, so here is my brain fart. I use social media to promote myself, and my studio, I don’t have a shop front, street studio, I have chosen another path and that is to build the kind of space I want to be in all the time, and then share that with my clients. So we work on an appointment based routine, which gives each artist time to spend with there client and design custom pieces for them. There are many pros and cons to this as you can well imagine, but the single most important thing is getting the message out there and as any small business will tell you this isn’t always easy. Client word of mouth has been our greatest allies, but social media has really catapulted this idea of mine and made it a viable venture.

Every morning I get up and “check the wires” my little old fashioned term for checking e-mails and social networks, but this morning I was just lambasted with stupid shit, seriously if you hate the social networks so much, do us all a favour and get the fuck off them. If you feel the need to tell the world to get constantly fucked by showing your middle finger, please, another favour, go get some help, you obviously have issues, but please stop putting them in our faces.

Remember this is social media, not anti-social media and if you have something hateful or nasty to say, you should have the courage to say it to their faces, same with being overly forward and sexual innuendo. It has become easy to sit behind a computer and lash out with garbage without consequence, in a proper social setting you wouldn’t behave this way, and if you did, you probably get a beating, or those men with those nice white jackets with the sleeves that tie behind your back come fetch you. I understand that people get bored, and look for distraction, or feel like the remoteness of a computer gives them the courage they normally lack, but think about the quality of what you put out there, it speaks volumes about you

These are some cover up pieces I did this week

Thank you to Bianca, Juley and Malissa for allowing me the opportunity to do these pieces.

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