Monday, 3 October 2011


Spent Sunday drawing, and trying to watch the Moto GP and Superbike races that were just a nightmare thanks to the satellite reception. I feel like every step forward seems to be two back, the end of the month looms and you wonder how you make ends meet, and I am able to less and less every month, I just don’t know how much longer this recession, which I think is more like full blown depression can go on.
On a lighter note, I’m off today and I am at last getting my root canal finished, thank heavens two weeks of an ongoing battle has made me a grumpy fuck and today sees the end of that, a relief to everyone I’m sure. I am lucky with my teeth, they aren’t pretty but they a well kept so this came as a surprise, but alls well by 4pm today…
I just got a cool gift via Amazon, which I was taken aback by, I never bought anything, and I wasn’t expecting a gift, but there it was, so I collected it and my great friend Christian in Berlin sent me  “The Baboons”  Back Scratch, and its not to be mistaken with the other funkadelic band from the US by the same name, they are a awesome rockabilly band and this is an awesome cd. Check it out if you can find it.

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