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I been back 4 day from Johannesburg, and it's so awesome to be home with little Laika, home is where the little tyke is, and after parlor gave her a good brush, and a wash and dry she is so fluffy and spritely. I do however miss my friends in Johannesburg, there are those long standing friends that you have a great bond with, and some good people I have met there that makes me feel a little lonely. I don't miss the city at all, and it seems strange that being born and raised there, buried my parents there, and still have family there, that I have absolutely no feeling for the place, and the thought of living there leaves me cold, but I miss my friends. Make no mistake I love Cape Town, but Cape Town is a city that only loves herself, so it doesn't reciprocate at all, and through choice, character or just plain laziness, I find myself feeling isolated and apart, and once again I miss my friends. I know it takes years and in some of my friends in Jhb, we have been friends fo