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Reception intervention

Ok so you haven't seen a blog for some time, and that's cause I haven't had anything to vent about, that just changed. I have this odd growth on my arm, thought it was a wart or something, so i tried freezing the thing off with nitrogen.... Nothing. So now I'm worried about this, and while chatting to a friend he says, dude get that seen to, I had something similar and it was malignant, so don't piss about. Damn I better get my shit together. Today I call Milnerton Mediclinic, and they give me the number for the practise in the clinic, 2 dermatologists, so I call them, and after waiting 8.32 minutes for the phone to be answered, I ask the receptionist if anyone can see me as I'm really concerned about this thing. She says "sorry, we can only see you next year." So my response is, but what if this shits malignant? She in a rude tone is " well I'm sorry, but we can't help you" so I say to her well ok, but can you perhaps refer me to s