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Golden Brown

"Golden Brown" The BMW R100rs complete and strutting her stuff. Thanks go to the photographer Devin Paisley for doing this first shoot. Beautiful and elegant by day but a prowling tiger at night. What an addiction

Remember remember the 5th of November.

It's been a while, I know, formulating these things in my mind sometimes takes longer than I would like. I have a really bad memory, I have always had a sketchy one, but after a bike accident in 2006 it really isn't good at all, lets say it's selective, but I don't get to choose what sticks and what doesn't. I've been told that it's laziness and I should try harder, but I really try, I have tried making notes, then I can't remember where I put them, I started writing them down in a note book, when I can actually find the note book I can't remember what the notes were for. I have tried taking photos of how I built or stripped something and a couple of days later.... the photos mean nothing and I can't make head or tail of what I was doing..... Ok, I don't want to alarm you, a lot of stuff sticks and I function and do things just fine, but things would be so me easier if I could remember. I am now going to get to why I wrote this blog, I have

"Carl Perkins ~ Dixie Fried" - 1956