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The Anonymity

Let me say that for the most part I love social media, and though it's fashionable to keep telling everyone how idiotic they are being on it, or wasting their energies, I for the most part love it. Social media is like a cellular phone, love it or hate, everyone has one and everyone subscribes in one way or another. What I can't stand though is the thoughtlessness that pervades, It seems that from behind a computer some people feel it's ok to burden everyone else with their inability to shut up. The worst is the insensitive abuse hurled at others while sitting behind the relative anonymity of a computer screen, these very people would never spew their venom face to face, but from behind that screen... You are not anonymous, we all see you and we all see through you. I always say the "opinions are like assholes, everyone has one" and this is mine, thoughtful I hope, thought provoking I wish, but probably just more shit from the asshole.