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The Shave

On the instructions of my ex-wife several years ago, I was told “you should go pamper yourself, put some time into your own wellbeing” I’m no Metro sexual, so the thought made me recoil at first, but as I thought about it, I decided she was right and that I would book an appointment at Salon Roma, the Italian Barber in Rosebank for a shave, and that experience began my minor obsession with shaving. In the modern media we are constantly being sold newer better, more blades on your razor, foam that’s not foam but gel that becomes foam that moisturizes and sanitizes, electric razors that make shaving in the shower easier or in your car as you drive to work, or at 100 meters under water, lubricating strips and it just goes on and on and on, while you pay more and more for an experience most just want over as soon as possible. Sitting waiting for my appointment dusty fake roses adorn the reception, Ferrari posters on the wall, well worn chairs and that wonderful smell of after