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Left hand, right hand splat.

I know my posts are sporadic and I always apologise about it,  but hell  I been distracted and I don't want to bore you with shit. Something has come up though and I want to say something about it. I have been a very keen motorcyclist most of my life, pretty much since I was 16 I have never not owned a motorcycle, I love them, and explaining really doesn't do it justice. I have raced super singles with my brothers and had fun in the dirt, sure we did some silly shit but we were never stupid and on the road you're expecting everyone else to be a stupid shit, and that brings me to my point. It is abundantly clear that you are vulnerable on a motorcycle, so to now pass vehicles on the left, is just so incredibly stupid that I am almost at a loss. You have to be a complete fuck tard to do that, and now that cycle lanes exist it certainly doesn't give you any protection let alone right to use it. All that's needed is someone to turn left or decide to park and you are fu

Your Gang, my clique, your set...

I have been alarmed, bemused and a little caught a little off guard by the actions of some friends, I won't mention who, but it seems that a need to belong has taken up residence in their psyche, and though I know it's common, I don't get it. As a tattooer, I have spent a lot of my time convincing people to do things that are tailor made for them, individual, something unique, as unique as they themselves are. I do need to now say that just because you chose not to do so does not lessen you or your experience, I just felt that when the time came for something as exciting as getting tattooed, you might want to consider something all your own, something that spoke of your individuality as a person. This in time unfortunately, early on in my career been misinterpreted as me being exclusive and given rise to rumor that I'm a self entitled ass, and in now what is a very competitive industry, I can see how this is easily believed by those that have chosen not to do justice