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Tattooing To perfection

The history of tattooing for me, has always been very important, knowing what and who passed on the road before you, gives you an understanding of your place in time. This is something you don't see anymore, this "generation" of pen tattooers who don't even know how a coil machine works, let alone how to tune one, has no appreciation for those that paved the way. Here is a piece of that history, lovingly put together by Judith Lukas with Prof York. The book is available at It will soon be available for South African buyers through John Clark left England as a young man and made his way to Galveston, Texas, a booming vibrant city at the time, where he raised chickens, delivered furniture, sometimes drank too much and occasionally got in trouble.  In 1900 he traveled to South Africa to fight in the Second Anglo-Boer War and spent nearly the next 14 years there.  Professor Clark had tattoo shops in several South African c