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So... It's been a while...

I know it's been a while since I posted something, but I'm not just gonna write garbage to fill a page with nothing, and contrary to Lewis Black, I'm a writer, I may not do it everyday, I may not have finished my book yet, but I have something to say and some things I need to share. I may never be a good writer, hell I'm probably a really bad one. I haven't written lately because of a few things that have taken place recently, and in many ways it might be petty, but I feel wounded by the whole experience. Some people have seen it fit to spread some rumours and lies about me and my character, now obviously I'm not going to mention who and what, as that not the kind of person I am, and Karmically you swing on your own pendulum. So whats is this all about? Well it's about your actions or lack of action, what you say and when you say it, and the fact that you don't speak up when you should. The fact that all stories have three sides, theirs, yours and a ver