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This country... It pulls the bones from your back leaving you a wobbly mess, never having any purchase, it's  irreverent abuse of everything, history, culture even humanity. While governed by sweaty fat men and women belching KFC as the deep fried oil oozes from every pore, glistening  and basking in their ego's "He wore a leather mask for his dinner guests Totally nude and with deep respect Proposed a toast to the votes he gets The feeling of power and the thought of sex" The Clash Abusing the resources in  every respect, for more and more, like peadophillic monsters raping everything and devouring it, washing it away with a simple shower. With the uneducated ignorance, giggling like children pulling wings bee, while they burn the hive. "Why must the youth fight against themselves? Government leaving the youth on the shelf This place, is coming like a ghost town No job to be found in this country Can't go on no more The people getting angry"  The