Thursday, 28 November 2013


Well nothing really good comes from all the shit around you and this situation is no different. The morning of the 27th I got a call from the IStore manager, saying that he was really sorry, but they had found the issue, and it was gonna take 5 more working days to return my money. I had just got out the shower, was drying myself while taking the call, speaker phone dudes, and I just lost my mind, I am pretty sure I was close to bursting a blood vessel in my brain, bursting through my skin and like a party balloon that gets away from you my head would go flying wildly across the room, I'm grateful it didn't. Certain threats were issued, and I gave him 12 hours or I was going to the store.

Yesterday after having been contacted by a young woman from the group, they had arranged and did, in all fairness drive to my home and give me my money in cash, and for my troubles a R500 gift voucher for the IStore, for those that don't know I was brought up in an Italian Catholic household so we are well versed in guilt and gratitude, and I felt myself feeling the later... not for long.
I was grateful to eventually have my money, cause its mine and I need it, but not to them, The IStore were at fault, there is no discussion about this, even they agree, and these young women were able to sort the issue out in a few minutes. So my questions are, why didn't someone do that the first time I brought it to there attention weeks ago? And where were these two women through all this? Was it necessary to have fucked me around like this? The answers are simple, there is a product coming out of that IStore and it's called IDontgiveafuck, and you see it in every face in the store, from security guard to manager.

Without giving my age away I worked in advertising before Apple were even in this country, and there arrival changed our lives, we could do so much more, achieve so much more, it changed the very craft of advertising and design, faster , more options, efficient and I can go on, but years later all this is lost. Lost in its own creation, making all those around it lazy and unable to think, because the answers should be coming at the press of a key or click of a mouse, instead of using your brain, and if you need anymore proof of this, visit the IStore and check out that IDontgiveafuck program they got going on.

To end this saga, I got a call from the regional manager later in the day to apologise, and so he did, and there isn't much more he can do I guess... or is there? But I just am too angry to give this anymore thought, so with this I am done.

One more thing, Steve, if you only knew what they are doing, you'd be turning in your grave.

Monday, 25 November 2013


On the 12th of the month, I made a purchase at the IStore in Canal Walk, went home wasn't happy with what I had done, without opening my purchase I went back the 13th and returned it for a refund.
Pretty simple right????? well the R4599-00 leaves your account the very moment of purchase, that is a fact, but returning it, well....... that takes a little longer. You would be very wrong in assuming that it would be returned as quickly, but by a week later, I still had not been refunded. So off I go to the bank, get a statement which I am charge R11-00 for a cost that also leaves my account instantly I might add, and ask the simple question "Where is my money?". I am told that the bank has nothing to do with this, the IStore has to refund this money and if it's not in my account, it's still with them, well that makes perfect sense, so with all my documentation, I'm off to the IStore.

Now the fun and games begin, the first thing I do is ask for the manager, who eventually gets to me and I ask him, where is my refund? He takes my info, does some things on a screen and tells me that it can take anything up to 10 working days to refund my money, obviously ISpeed is not a Apple product, I push him, "Dude this is not good enough, I want to know where my money is, and when it will be returned? He's now on the phone to the bank??? the very same bank I was with???? now I'm just totally confused, they said it was a store issue and now he's asking them, what the hell is going on? Am I the only one wondering how all this ties together the gerbils powering this stores 'back end' have died on the treadmills. I'm told he will get back to me as soon as he sorts this out, ISatisfaction, another product not on offer

Two days later, I hear nothing, so I start calling the store, it's just constantly engaged, I try the whole day, but still nothing, IAnswer, yet another service that isn't available, so fuck this shit, I call Core, the holding company, and tell them I want to speak to the regional manager, who isn't available, and I am asked to explain the reason for my call which I do, and am duly informed that Wayne will get back to me ASAP. Wayne obviously doesn't get back to me, the store manager does, and tells me he has been leaving messages for me for two days... at last a service you can get at the IStore, ILie, cause in this world of technology I don't just get my voice mail messages on my phone, they are also emailed to my Mac and I can tell you that neither registered any calls or messages, so bite me asshole, and the best he can do is he's still waiting on the bank. At this moment my head just wants to explode, have you ever gotten so frustrated you could tear your own face off, I'm almost there.

Yesterday was the 25th, I checked my account and I really pains me to say that it still hasn't been returned, I haven't had any communication from the store or the bank as to what's going on and so I went to the bank again, hell I couldn't even see the branch manager, all i got was the same shit, but I was told that it hadn't been 10 working days yet and I should be patient, so off I went to the IStore to see id they had any IPatience I could buy, but guess what.... they didn't have that either.

So here I am, Tuesday the 26th, dick in hand hoping that today might be the day, I guess we all live in hope and die in despair.

What an IFuckup, and the whole bunch of IPricks working at the IStore can go IFuck themselves, cause the biggest product they don't have is IQ

Where the fuck is my Moneyyyyyyy????

Thursday, 21 November 2013


I was talking to a client a few days ago, and we were just chatting on about perception and how skewed it can be when she blurted out, "I had heard that you were arrogant, but chatting with you, I see you aren't at all". This got me thinking, the first instinct was to retaliate and get really rude about what has been said about me, but I started entertaining the thought more and more and I found myself wondering who had said this and why? How could it be that the perception of me is nothing close to what is being said??? I then remembered my favourite saying "A wolf does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep" and that put paid to that bullshit then and there.
The reason I brought this up is that we have a tendency to give a lot of our power away to people of no consequence, and that perception is nothing more than uninformed opinion, and we know how much opinion and an asshole have in common don't we. People use perception/opinion like they have some kind of right to exercise it, and the reality is that it says more about you than it does the other party. The ability to think before you speak these days seems to be overrated and the art of sometimes just shutting up and listening lost in an era of overrated self indulgent self importance.
I bet you're thinking I should practise what I preach, and that I should be a sheep and pay some attention to what opinions are raised about me. I'm afraid the sheep's clothing just makes me itchy and scratchy, and never really fooled anyone.
That's all just an opinion however...


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