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Cheat Death

The Rand Easter Show, is a huge consumer exhibition, where thousands of exhibitors from all over the world would come to Johannesburg to trade, it was in fact the largest show of it’s kind in the world outside of the US for a long time through the 60's and 70's. I must have been six or seven years old, when my Dad and I went to the Rand Easter Show, I must have been that age because it was just the two of us, which meant my brother’s were still to young to come along. My farther had been sent by his boss to take a look at some German machinery that was on exhibition, or something like that, because my Dad wasn’t the kind of guy to go without having to be prodded with a stick, of course for me, it was going to be great, because as a kid the only attraction was the Fair Grounds. The Fair Ground was huge, with Rollercoaster, Octopus and all sorts of rides, there were games of skill where you could win stuff and candy vendors, and tucked away in a corner there it was thi