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Hello again, and once again it's been a while so I will apologies right away... TIME.... well it's fleeting alright, and before you know it the day is done and the next, then the week, and month and pretty soon years, it waits for no one. Written about, sung about, "time takes a cigarette, puts it in your mouth" whatever David meant who knows... and as for "Tiiiiiiiiimme is on my side" well Mick it certainly ain't, but formaldehyde and surgery might be, but time, I'm not so sure, and it brings me to my issue. I love my periodontist, she is awesome, friendly, explained everything that has to happen, how it's going to happen and so on. She has even helped me out on the costing of my implant, oh I hadn't told you yet. I tooth got broken many years ago in an accident, it was repaired but after 18 years.... it was done, and I need an implant. As I usually do I have digressed my point was, I have an appointment for 16H30, I'm there 15 minut