Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Well.... being

I’m in bed with the flu, like a lot of people I hear, it seems to be going around, and it’s a beautiful day today, so to be in bed is just a pain. That’s where I’m going to leave my wellbeing, I would hate to be one of those whiny men when the get sick.
Starting at a new shop, is always daunting and finding yourself in the space is never easy, I am a little unhappy about being there for a day then being to ill to go in today, but I am very happy there, Tamar and her crew have made me feel very at home and it’s a great work environment.

There aren’t many things that excite me at the moment, as my minds all a little foggy, but one thing is really exciting at the moment. My very first article is going to be in the new “Garage” magazine, and I am really stoked by that, and can hardly wait to get my inked up mitts on it, so look out for the next edition.

I found "The Baboons" by accident, but I can't seem to find a cd, if anyone knows of one and where it's available please drop me a line.

Monday, 29 August 2011


It’s been a while since I did an 11 hour tattoo stint, and my hands are feeling being so tattoo unfit, the last two weeks has been a good break, but I’m back and at full force again.
I will be working at Body Architects in Claremont for a while, so if you are out and about and you feel like visiting please drop by, and say hello.
I’m feeling a little lost and at odds with myself, and it all boils down to not achieving. It’s brought to the fore by a conversation I was having with a friend about how there is a trend to moving back to hand crafted product, one in the making of, and two in the buying, and the related psychology involved. There is a move back to handmade, and I see the sense in it, I know that with myself that I am very lucky that everyday I get to start something, finish it and see the clients reaction, right away and there is a lot of satisfaction in that.
I’m not suggesting that landing that huge contract or getting that promotion in the office, doesn’t give the same thrill, but there is more to it then that, there is a sense of well being when one is physically creating something, and seeing it’s impact, the use of it.
I once had to build a wall for my cousin in Italy, I was a young punk, and I mean I was in safety pins and a Mohawk, actually in the other sense too. I was daunted by the task, but I was doing nothing and it was a great spring day, so I stripped off to my shorts and spent the day building, to say the wall was strait and a good job, would be a huge exaggeration but I have to say that at 8pm when the sun was beginning to set, I felt good, felt invigorated. This is what I think is missing, and why we are seeing so many depressed people, that we are doing things that don’t make us feel like we are achieving, this may just be that we have stopped looking at what we do as an achievement, or it may be that we are made to feel like what we do is not an achievement by those around us. Perhaps this is all bullshit, perhaps I’m making the kind of statement that pisses everyone off, but think of those guys in the early 1900 in the garages, building cars out of chunks of metal, molding panels and getting them perfect, then taking them out and racing them, imagine the satisfaction in the creation, imagine the achievement and the pleasure.

I just got Cee Lo Brown’s CD “Lady Killer”
I was ready to really hate it, but to my surprise I love it. It’s like the Motown sound is still alive and Phil Spector hasn’t lost his mind and we are all just dancing again.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Doha Continued

I believe in live and let live, and all the stuff that goes with that, and I do believe in respecting cultural differences, and I need to make that clear before I go on.

I’m in the waiting lounge and I need to go…. I mean GO!! And I’m looking for a bathroom, and eventually down a passage I find the Men’s Bathroom, I walk in, and step into 15millimeters of water, well if you can call it water, out the corner of my eye I see a bathroom attendant and his holding a squeegee pushing water around into a grate. This should have been a warning.
As a not too seasoned traveler all the warning signs did not alert me at all. I open a stall, there is no loo, I mean there is no bowl, just a hole in the floor, mmmmmm I’ll try the next, while sloshing in this “Water” nope, no bowl, next, no bowl, next Fuck there are no bowls at all, what now? Just how do you do this, I mean, I’m wearing trousers, just how do you drop trou’ in this place and pooh without poohing into your trousers???? I mean you have to stand, and you need your feet under you so just how do you do this, I look around, maybe I can hold myself up using my hands, I look around and damn, the walls are soaking wet, and I don’t want to touch that at all, and just where the hell does all this water come from?  If I lean against anything I’m going to get “water” on me and that’s not cool, if I drop my trousers, they are going to me laying in that “water” so that’s not an option at all. I now notice that there is no loo paper…. You just can’t freaking do this…. How am I going to wipe after this ordeal???? And in a sneaky worn chrome finish, there it is… teasing me that snake of a shower head, and I get it, I get the water, I get the squeegee, I get the no loo paper and I get that I’m going to have to find somewhere else to go, cause unless you are a Scot or and Arab, you are not going to be going anytime soon.
One last resort… I’m going to sneak into the handicapped bathroom and see if that’s any different, I open the door and there she is, the cleaner, and in a gesture shoos me out and literally stands in front of the entrance with a menacing look in her eyes that has me sulking off to find a bathroom…
That’s it the last resort, the business lounge, and I’m now in serious need, and nothing is going to stop me, well they certainly are till they have extorted 40 dollars from me, that has to be the most expensive shit I’ve ever taken.
Next time Im going to be ready, I just haven’t figured out how yet, but I’m going to be ready.

Thursday, 18 August 2011


I just spent some time in Italy, and I have some stuff to tell you about that, but that can wait for another time. What I will share is my flight..... I used to complain constantly about flying. I get claustrophobic, and I’m no great fan of flying at the very best of times, I tend to get a little anxious, perhaps I have just dwelled to long on the fact that you are in a tube a good couple of thousand meters above the earth and it’s a hell of a long way down. It freaks me out a little, not like I’m trying to get out the plane mid flight and have to be restrained kind of stuff, but just uncomfortable. This has always been exasperated by the airlines I flew like BA and SA Airways that always felt cramped. 2 years ago my travel agent suggested Qatar air, she said the planes were new, more spacious, and generally the service was great, and she has always managed to book me just enough time to make the connecting flight without feeling harassed. This time was no different but I did notice that a lot more people have cottoned on now and the flights that weren’t too full are now packed, but still it’s comfortable and for a man my size, that’s saying something. The flight was uneventful, as usual the take off makes me want to vomit, but we are soon on our way, and I settle in for the night, have dinner, watch a movie, snack on some stuff they bring around, and actually manage to even get an hour of sleep, I wake watch a movie, and before you know it they are serving breakfast and we are landing.
Its 6am in Doha, the doors open, and alls well as we make our way out, the moment you exit the plane, you are struck by the most pleasant heat and humidity and by the time you have gotten to the bus, you find yourself cursing at people in your way as you try get to the air conditioner, as you burst into flame and your body drenches you in sweat to protect you. It’s hot, not just any hot, HOT, and humid as all hell, you can’t see further than 50 meters thanks to the rising humidity and heat. Finally we are in the airport and I have 2 hours to kill in transit, not much at all, considering I spent 12 in Heathrow the year before so alls cool, just got to find a bathroom and freshen up, get rid of some excess and then find a seat somewhere till I leave.
This is when it all went to shit.

To be continued...

I have never been a great fan of Jimmy Vaughn, his brother Stevie Ray has always mine, and even though I like the "Fabulous Thunderbirds", I haven't ever really been into his stuff, but he has just released this CD
Jimmy Vaughn "Plays More Blues, Ballads & Favourites", its fantastic, Im loving every track, take a listen.

Monday, 1 August 2011


It’s August in Italy and the masses are on holiday, it’s hot and humid, and beautiful. I have felt though at times like the heart of Italy was missing, that what I recalled of being here had vanished with the influx of all the other eastern European and north Africans that seem to have invaded this country. Like a lot of the world the effects of the financial crisis have hit Italy and it’s borrowing has seen it now become the latest addition to the “PIIGS” of the European union for those that don’t understand that look it up.
Amongst this though a wonderful shining light, and all this took place in a day, first Sabrina and her Fiancé Fabio drove to Ancona to say goodbye and to have me do a little ladybird tattoo for her as a memento, insignificant as tattoo, but as a show of love and appreciation huge.
Then Danielle and Martina arrived to collect me and took me to there town, Jesi, for a wonderful Italian favorite Carbonara, at of all the local rugby club, which is funny coming from South Africa, but where we sat outside in the fresh air and had an amazing meal, with even better company. My hosts then decided to show me their cool shop, which is in it’s infancy, but is fantastic, clean and very tasteful, and coming from the last place, where taste really had been crucified, it’s really great to see. Marti is a good tattooer, and will develop way beyond the person who taught her.
We then went to see the old town centre and this is really beautiful King Frederico the 2nd was born here, and it is a truly medieval city with huge walls and ramparts and is how I remember Italy, and then it struck me that the heart and soul of Italy still lives in the heart of the real Italian. The mixtures of people from all over the world that have come here, are just the scum on the surface, and under lays the great wine the true Italian. And Marti and Dani are exactly that a great wine.


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