Thursday, 31 October 2013


I am at a point where I just sometimes feel like is this the best people can be?

I woke the other day to a inbox message on Facebook, from someone I knew in high school at best an acquaintance. The kind of girl that makes you want to be Joe Pesci in the Snickers ad, but you know what I mean, some one you never gave a second thought too. Suddenly they find you on Facebook and you greet each other, befriend each other, but you still don't have much in common.

Then the message went Hi. Milo, I just turned fifty and it's not a midlife crisis, but I thought I would give this tattooing thing a go, can you perhaps tell me what "gun" I should buy, as I may do a course in the new year.
I responded negatively, as one should in this case, which obviously garnered a diatribe of bullshit from this person, directed at my person and character, hey, I am the first to tell you all I'm a first class cunt, as many will attest I'm sure, but after almost 30 years of never giving a fuck about me and my life, you feel you have the right to call on me to ask about this "tattooing Thing" when you can't be bothered to get tattooed, or learn that we don't call our machines "guns" which proves you have spent no time at all in a shop, even as an observant client. You know nothing about us, or our "thing" go back to your little conservative granny life, you can't catch a ride on the lives people like me spent years building, and sacrificing for, just cause you watched some series on the discovery channel. What we do is our passion, not some stab by you at finding your youth.

It got me thinking about my good friend Peter, he keeps saying that his employees are just tourists, and that's it, these people are just that, no living the life, no getting dirty and doing the hard grunt, no, just visiting us like tourists at a fashion show, while we still are fashion, then off to the next "thing".

So that's the bitch, and I'm done with it, now on to nicer things. After returning in early September with the Ducati Desmo Pantah that had been stored for more than twenty years in pieces on the back of the pick up, we are almost ready to finish her up. Nicci and I have been at it in the garage, and swinging spanners, and it's almost there, the paint came in today, and it's spectacular, thanks to Robby at Rustguard Panelbeaters. We went with classic "Gulf" racing colour's and I am really impressed with how cool it's going to look, also cause we need to finish her and get the BMW R100rs done, there is a prospective buyer, but I wanna get it done and do some riding on that beemer myself.

Here are some pics

Cape Town Tattoo Social Club

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wow... Crazy stuff

What a past couple of months... things have been all crazy with so much going on some really great, but some really bad the worst of which has been my baby girl Laika, has had to have a huge growth from her anal canal removed, the surgery went well and she is home now even though very uncomfortable. It has just made me so aware again of how fragile life is, and just how much a part of me little Laika is, I have had a few dogs, and each very special, but Laika, she some how is "that" dog. Now we hope to have her recover well and heal well.

The other is a friends heart attack, though mild, a physically fit and healthy guy, younger than I, and just like that, it happened, it is just so crazy, the message caught me so by surprise at first I found the whole thing hard to believe, but fortunately it's under control and he's going to be fine.

On the positive side, I have finally done what I said I was going to do for quite some time, and I have opened a studio the way I want, the kind of place that felt like my lounge, and not some shopfront. The Cape Town Tattoo Social Club, is just awesome, high up on the 3rd floor, with the most insane view from a huge balcony that wraps the building, make being here an experience. The Victorian inspired studio space is warm and comfortable and is set up like a lounge that clients can visit and just spend some time with us.

There is so much more to tell, but I just ran out of steam, and Laika's finally asleep, so I'm gonna try get a few more hours in myself.


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