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A good moon rising

Thursday night at about 9pm we had just closed the shop, and I was making my way home on my Vespa. Crossing over the bridge and onto the circle on ramp to the highway I saw the moon, it was huge and hung low over the Durbanville hills, bright and gold, it felt like you could reach out and touch it. Swinging around on the on ramp Table Mountain came into view with the sun setting behind it, this huge beautiful black mountain with the most spectacular vignette from aquamarine to indigo to black, behind it as the darkness fell. I had just spent 10 solid hours tattooing and was really exhausted, but this beautiful vision could, no, would not be ignored and the message that came with it either, you really are your nickname Mr Lucky. Lucky to live in such a beautiful place, but that's just the tip of the iceberg, I have two brothers, a wonderful person with two amazing kids in my life, and my child little Laika,  but those are the obvious ones, I am lucky all the time, my shop is doing


I feel depressed today, infact the malaise has followed me most of the week like a turd stuck to the bottom of my shoe, no matter how hard you get rid of it, you can always smell it there. Today we bury Nelson Mandela, I don't call him Tata, or any other term of endearment, I never met him, or had selfies done with him, or even got close to him, but if you live in South Africa, you sure have felt his presence. It's sad cause I don't mourn the man, as I know that as one, he had he's shortcoming as we all do, but the passing of a way of thinking and behaving, the passing of menchkite. I feel that people can be judged by the way they treat those unable to protect themselves, and if anyone stood for those most in need, he did, but that's not why I'm depressed, I'm depressed that after such a great example, we have learnt sweet fuck all. When last did you reach out to someone or something in need, done something selfless? When last did you not put yourself, or