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Bye bye Civitanova

My stay here in the lovely Civitanova has come to an end and today I head to Ancona, I will miss some of the wonderful people I have met here, as I'm sure they will me. This has been a difficult and happy time, with all thats taken place in the last 7 weeks, one thing I do realize, is that 9 weeks away, is a hell of a long time to be away. As for my return, I don't think it will be to the shop, as I don't feel like we fit. Time to get to the station and grab the train to Ancona, from there to Tom Tattoo. and from there we will see how things pan out.

Summer Jamboree

I have been getting very tired being away from home, and 6 weeks has already been a long time, not too much longer to go, even though my hosts are driving me a little batty. Next week I'm going to the Summer Jamboree in Senigallia, I can't wait, finally a place I may just fit into... besides it looks like a whole lot of fun, and Im looking forward to getting away.


Had a great day off after doing a weird biomech freaked out tattoo machine on my host Beppe's calf. He's in the sun so much that I didn't even bother with colour, as it's a complete waste, in a month he will be out tanning his hide. Did some shopping but the business hours are really weird here, nothing opens on a monday till 4pm, and closes at 8pm..... it's just freaking odd man, I just can't get used to wasting all these hours in the day, and then having to work when the weather is cooler and the sunset is awesome. It's a different way of life completely.


Yesterday we had dinner at Fabio and his families place in the mountains, They prepared an Argentinean dish Called Assado, which is a BBQ of sorts and was really good, in fact the Argentine Italian Diego, did all the cooking, a really very cool guy, I did the face of a lion on his calf. There were 30 of us there and I have to say that I had the most awesome time, I mingled and met young and interesting Italian, that are not very different to South Africans in their hopes and dreams. We ate and they drank and in all, our hosts worked really hard to ensure everyone did. Fabio and his brother supply hats to the European markets they have two wear houses that they design and then have manufactured and sell to the rest of Europe, in the market for raffia hats they are the largest. With all there success, they are just down to earth guys that treated us to an awesome day. Another week begins and instead of a day off I’m tattooing my host here, Beppe, and I hope it will go quickly as I hav


Without going on and on about how quickly this trip is going, I am still however amazed. It's friday and almost the end of the 6th week away. Today it's back to the hotel, so I can take advantage of my last few weeks close to the sea, it's crazy, but as yet I haven't put a foot into the Adriatic, but that's gonna change this weekend. The street market is on every Saturday, and I definately want to spend some time checking it out tomorrow morning before work, there should be some good deals as all the summer sales are on.

No sitting

New William Elliot Whitmore CD out called Field Songs, can't wait to get my grubby paws on it. Haven't heard any of it yet, but if it's anything like the last, it's gonna be good. Nothing much to tell, besides the weather being a little cooler thanks to some wind thats picked up, but not that one needs to sleep under a cover at all so it's still hot. Yesterday I was told that till I leave I'm completely booked out and anyone coming in now will not be able to get a sitting, which is amazing, there is so much work in this town, it blows me away. It's not awesome custom work, but constant bits and pieces, that just make the days fly by, another trip will be in order soon.

My Girls

it's the start of week 5 and Im surprised at how fast it's passed in some aspects and in others it feels like an eternity and Im beginning to really miss my home and my girls..... got a message that alls well with them, but dogs aren't like people you can't just chat to them on the phone and hear that they are ok, or tell them you will be home soon.... Through my darkest days, and the past 4 and a half years has seen a lot of those, they have always been there, often the only comfort in my life


Yesterday 3 Eagles soared above the villa, and scanned the fields below, as their cries filled the air. One was smaller and I think perhaps it was a hunting lesson for a youngster. They soared for a couple of hours and my host mentioned the feeling of freedom they gave, and I suddenly needed to get back to the hotel, this place as far as living goes is wonderful, a pool, my own cottage, everything laid out, but I just haven't seen enough of the city and met enough people, so I have to have them take me back, I need to see and experience more than the shop and the villa. So today I broach the subject, hopefully they will understand, and not be offended, but I very much doubt that, and non-to my surprise it was taken as an offence. I understand that they may feel that way, but the sentiment is rather selfish, as my needs just haven’t been taken into account. Jim Morrison said it best, “people are strange when you’re a stranger” it’s out of context of course, but apt.

In the country

Back in the country, after a week in town, and as much as I like being in a villa, i do miss the hotel and the vibe of the city, the hustle and bustle of the people. As the annual summer holidays begin, and this is a coastal resort town, it's getting busier and busier every passing day. Life here is really cool, but even as I spend it working like a local, you tend to see it through rose tinted glasses, and truthfully I'm just a tourist, and the reality of life here is far from what I am living at this time.


Some one once said that "revenge is a dish best served cold" if that needs explanation, the song title is for you. The quote however fails to mention just how cold, and thanks to a memory and quiet some time it got The only thing left is the last word on the matter, and by writing that it's a negative characteristic, I am in fact having the last word, so as you needed it, when revenge came knocking, please be sure to comment.

Waiter???... Ohhh WAITER!!!

Last night my cool German friends Christian, Salina and I went out for a drink at Hemingway's a bar on the beach rd Lungo Mare, My awesome cousins will remember it clearly, the barman/waiter "Stefano" a guy my age was serving us, its quiet a fancy place with a really plush layout and great air conditioning, something I look for in a place here.... it really is unbearably hot and humid. They lay out snacks with your drinks and it's all very nice, a bit over the top, but it's Hemingway's it should be to live up to such a name.... The first waitress arrived, she is at least 6/5 in flat shoes, and to use Selina's comment "You don't want to fuck her, you want to feed her" lol, if she lifted her arms she would fall through the crack of her ass. She chooses to ignore us completely, Stefano, has decided that he's no longer a waiter, turns on the telly and watches "Oceans Eleven" in Italian..... obviously, but its really funny to hear t


Today Salina and Christian are here and we are gonna spend the day together, It should be a lot of fun, I have the day off, and I'm sure we will find stuff to do. They Came in from Munich, and I will be doing a floral for Selina on thursday, so we have a good couple of days together. This is becoming routine, and I'm surprised at how quickly everything becomes routine. I guess thats good and bad, because I think one could probably become accustomed to anything, and that I don't believe is good. I have that the biggest lost was my dignity, not that ego is a bad thing to lose, quiet the contrary, but we are after all moral, human beings, and I use the term liberally. Like the relationship you had that when you eventually exticated yourself from, and you just can't believe you stayed so long..... a marriage you were so unhappy in, making excuses why you have to stay, when all the while you want out. Routine.... There has to be flip side, but for the life of me right no

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday and its hot..... I mean really hot!!!!

Saturday morning

It's a beautiful day, and I have a nice big piece booked in this morning, I'm really looking forward to it. You can watch me work at


And another week comes to a close, I was really thinking they were kidding about how hot and humid it would get, but was I in for a surprise yesterday, and today is gonna get worse..... damn! Im already sweating in places I don't wanna tell and its 7am..... But Im really beginning to settle in and enjoy my stay. People are odd here, naaah it's a different way of life, like the siesta they take just baffles me, but I take time, have lunch, nap in my chair and 3 hours later it all begins again....


A quicky today the song says it all


I am constantly amazed at the double standard here, they recycle all their trash, then while driving their cars, unwrap the cellophane from a pack of butts, throw it out the window, smoke a fag, and toss it also out the window?????? Wtf. It’s illegal to buy anything without knowing, and having proof of where it came from. E.g.: A guy offers you his phone, it’s a new hot model, you buy it, but it’s stolen, and it’s traced to you via the imei code. You are as guilty as the thief. I know you are going to say yeah but a good lawyer would handle something silly like this blab la bla, but you get the principle right? Then please will someone explain why it’s ok for a lot of tattoo supply companies here to stock clone products from China? This is exactly the same issue, they have stolen the designs from hard working people in the industry, and flooded the market with poor quality cheap garbage, and the only way they keep doing this, is because these suppliers keep them in business.


Slept in this morning, it's been a little cooler with the rain, but today is gonna be a scorcher again. Ended the week well with the start of a Geisha sleeve in black and grey, did an awesome joker, I will post some pics as soon as I'm done. Next week I have some large pieces to do and as people begin to see my work, Im happy to say I'm developing a client base here too, which really makes you feel very like you are achieving. Today we chill, and I'm being taken to the mall as I want to buy some shoes, how cool are these, "Downtown Weekend"


uuuuurgh what a long week!!!!!