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I was going through some pics on Facebook that my girl had uploaded to my page, and just looking at the comments, one just struck me. The photo is of me tattooing Ann Jangle’s thigh, the comment “Do you realise they are forever”? My immediate reaction is, no asshole, we leap into permanent body beautification without any forethought, your generation have cornered the market on what is good and what is bad, and we are stupid mindless children, that without you stating the obvious we would never have thought it. I then calmed down, and started wondering why would someone feel the need to voice such a stupid opinion and put his name to it? It’s not like we want your golf and country clubs, your socialite gatherings where blowing wind up each others asses is the order of the day. So what is it? Is it fear of a world waking up to your narrow-minded views and not buying into them? Or is it just that your life has passed by like a speeding train governed by bullshit, convention and socia


I was looking for our next project, as Nicci and I love spending what little free time swinging spanners in our garage building café racers and we are almost done with our second a 1983 BMW r100rs, so I was looking on gumtree and olx and I came across an add for a café racer where the guy says “professionally build, not a backyard garage builder”. And he’s right I am a backyard garage builder, but I do know when a nut is loose and when it’s tight, and seeing as I ride what I build, you would be right in assuming as I’m on the damn thing I check everything twice, hell more than that. To him I have this to say, you may have a workshop, but buddy it doesn’t make you any good at what you do, let alone legitimize the design eye you just don’t have. This is what I am getting at, there is a lot of talk about where you work from, let me explain. I opened new premises many years ago, after having worked from my a dedicated tattoo studio at my home, a tattoo artist, I won’t mention names, com

Know it all...

I'm so bored with it all. I check the wires for some news on the world, and all I read these days bitching, jeez a little positivity some times would be nice, perhaps I should hang around a better bunch of I find it funny however that those bitching and complaining are always the ones who shouldn't, hey and in this, I will own it too, cause it did make me pause a long while before I wrote this. I'm just so tired of the stupid infighting and back stabbing going on in all fields, how no one can just shut up if you have nothing good to say, and don't mask it in constructive criticism, because you need the right credentials to get on that soap box. It's said that to understand the man you need to walk a mile in his shoes, well in my humble opinion, before you criticise the man you should be running an ultra-marathon in his shoes, so before you go shooting your mouth off about how bad that artist is and how bad that band is, or how ugly that girl i


I am always amazed at some things I see and hear. It’s all so stupid and pathetic, Charles Bukowski “We’re all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t. We are terrorised and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing.” And that is such a simple yet valuable insight, we draw lines in the sand at such strange and crazy places and I just don’t understand, well I didn’t want to understand because like everyone else, I am guilty of it too. I was made aware of a friend being admonished by others for enjoying a burlesque performance, yet those very same people drink, and drug up and fuck each other over at the drop of a hat, so I guess that line is drawn there… how weird??? So it’s ok to do some stuff and not others…? You see now I need an explanation of just how this table of, what one should like and appreciate and what one shouldn’t like and appreciate, really works. Is it a points system? Do you get plus or minus points,

Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead in New York

Obviously my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Philip Seymour Hoffman (PSH) A tragic loss and I hope there is some solace in the love and goodwill shown by so many at his loss. There are thousands of drug addicts who die every year and never make the news, so as crass as it may seem, I do think I want to express my opinion, yes, yes, opinions are like blah, blah, blah, on this matter PSH, dying with a needle in his arm is crazy, but it does provide me with a soapbox. Is it not time that the world begins to take a sensible hard look at "illegal drugs" it just seems that we need to rethink the way drug use is criminalised, and perhaps instead of waging "The War On Drugs" perhaps there are other ways of dealing with the issue. Perhaps decriminalisation is something that should be considered, and I know there are far greater minds out there who could come up with some really great methods to aid, educate, dispense even control the use of drugs. The biggest