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Six of the best.....Yeoooow!!!

So many months ago, a good friend requested 4 songs on her radio station, I can't remember the reason, and so I did, but my response was "Wow that's hard to narrow down, how about 4 bands beginning with the word Black?" Obviously this went down well, so I started sending her, every week for her show, 5 artist I liked beginning with each letter of the alphabet. What you have here is a slightly expanded version, these are 6 of my favourite artists  and songs per letter, I hope you will take the time to give each a listen, and enjoy them as much as I do. AC/DC - Jailbreak Aerosmith - Dude Looks Like A Lady Al Green - Lets Stay Together Alvin Lee & Ten Years After - The Stomp The Atomic Fireballs - Pango Pango The Animals - Story Of Bo Diddley The Band - When I Paint My Masterpiece Bo Diddley -  Hey! Bo Diddley The Black Angels - Sniper at the Gates Of Heaven The Black Keys - Phychotic Girl The Black Crowes - Remedy BB King - The Thrill Is

A little this and that

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m not going to bore you with bullshit post every second day. I have been meaning to get some stuff out, but have refrained, but some stuff just has to come out. Firstly, I have plugged a restaurant called “Orinoco” in Bree street, great value and authentic South American food, I’m afraid to say, no longer, I took Nicci for dinner and two ridiculous portions of poorly cooked food, cost over R480-00, I’m sorry, but that’s just retarded, and had the food been of an epic standard, it would not have pissed me off so much, but this is just fucked up. I complained to the owner, and the best she could do was shrug her shoulders, well that’s blown it for me, they certainly will not see me there again, and I would suggest you stay away too. It is just amazing how the odd little magazine article and a little plug here and there can give people such an attitude, Bob said it best, “Be good to the people you meet on the way up, cause you’re b