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Never buy from Tamarit Motorcycles.

I placed an order on the 16th of Nov 2022, was told a 10-day manufacture time was needed, the package arrived at the 23rd of Jan 2023. I had to constantly email them to get some clarity on what was happening with my order. At one point I got an email on the 13th of December asking me what stitching I preferred on the seat, which I responded to with 12 hours, then have this José clown tell me 2 weeks later, they were waiting on my response on the seat. I immediately called bullshit and his response was "no matter the seats not done so even if I had told him today it would have made no difference" It has been a litany of poor excuses and complete disrespect for a client. On arrival, it is clear they couldn't have taken the time to wrap the parts properly or even seal the box, amongst parts from other sources are their parts in the box, steal hardware and the tail loop are completely unwrapped and loose in the box, with them are 2 fiberglass fenders, 1 wrapped, the other n

Goodbye to my best friend

I write this because I can't find any way of saying out loud what I feel as I shatter inside. I have spent most of my life alone,even in long term relationships I have always felt alone,so I can safely say that I count my friends on one hand, and of those, my good friends there is only one. He's older than me,and is like an older brother, we were in business together, and the only person I have ever felt comfortable doing that with. On Tuesday his wife, passed, and now he is alone in frail care, he has dementia, prostate cancer and is not expected to make the next week. I have been away from him for 15 years living a thousand miles away but I have always felt him close, even with the dementia that took him from who he was, and made it difficult to be close to him. A man who was so vital his whole life, it made him lash out for the loss of control he felt. This life will slowly strip you of everything, and we will die in our own piss and shit, alone. There are no words of wisdom