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service  |ˈsərvis| noun 1  the action of helping or doing work for someone :  millions are involved in voluntary service . •  an act of assistance :  he has done us a great service  |  hevolunteered his services as a driver . •  assistance or advice given to customers during and afterthe sale of goods :  they aim to provide better quality of service . •  the action or process of serving food and drinks to customers:  they complained of poor bar service . What has happened to it? It seems that service is a thing of the past, that as consumers we have no right to decent service, let alone GOOD service. It seems that people who own, or work within a store feel like they are doing you a favor, like dude, you are taking up valuable time they could be spending doing.... what?  For fuck sake, this is your job! Your chosen profession!  I recently had some framing done at Cheston Art Gallery in Canal Walk, Century City, whatever you do don't get your fr

Assumption the mother of all fuck ups

1  a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to  happen ,  without proof :  they made certain assumptions  about   the  market  |  [ with  clause  ]  :  we ' re working   on   the   assumption   that  the time of death was after  midnight . I was amused at assumptions made by what I had posted, and it came to mind that people making assumptions say a hell of a lot more about themselves and there characters and motives. Assumptions are made without fact, or proof, so already this sets the scene for disaster,  assumptions are just mere mental conjectures that do not thrive on reason ability and are therefor, questionable. An extreme and overt reaction, made by some one on an assumption, says something very clear about them, the reaction is that the issue pertains to them in some way, (the assumption) but if it didn't then that extreme reaction only underscores the guild or involvement in something that that has caused the person to make such an assumption .... guilt, ang

the pot calling the kettle....

I had a long blog written about someone I once cared about, but I just realized, I don't care... how fucking awesome is that.......haahahahahaa So onto more fun shit, I am going up to Johannesburg for a week to work, and I; looking forward to seeing old friends and of course how much the city has changed. Just got Adsl, it's awesome uncapped means I am loving all the info I can get my grubby little paws on. Found the new Edie Brickel, and I'm loving that.

Just in time

Finally it broke, two days of migraine and sinus, felt like a boxer beat my face to a pulp. I don't usually get migraines so I was not prepared for it, but thanks to lots of advice and a quick trip to the chemist for a cocktail, a dark room, and I'm feeling a lot better. The cause? you ask, is stress, self inflicted as usual, but changes have stressed me out, some disappointments and the obvious annoyances at being pissed about by unimportant people. Time will sort things out as usual and taking it all to heart isn't going to solve it at all. It does however change a few things. It does mean that the sponsorships I normally do, are a thing of the past. I'm done with giving my time, effort and craft to unappreciative people. I have worked with several artists, that have always had a lot negative to say about sponsorship, or as I like to say putting a little back, from a karmic point of view it makes sense to me to do them, but of late, all it's done is prove those a

No dick car sound wannabe

There is something I want to get of my chest, it’s a common myth that the bigger or sportier car the smaller the man“hood” ok so there is probably a hint of jealousy, but hey fuck it, converting is part of what makes life move forward. If we didn’t want, there would be no need to supply and before you know it, it’s the end of the world as we know it, and who the hell wants that? Now all he hippies at the back sit down and put your damn shoes on, you would all have us in Toyota Prius’s, and that would be like candy without sugar. Once again I have strayed from what I have on my chest, but it starts with being woken at 3am by some inconsiderate twat with his sound system turned up parked in the street across from me. Now lets get back to that whole car manhood thing, your car is a piece of crap, yet you deem it a great idea to throw thousands of your hard earned currency at it, and where do you decide to spend it? Reconditioning of your engine? NO. Reconditioning of the braking s

Convention Time

Wednesday evening, and I seem to be feeling a better, the post convention blues have passed, I am going to mention Hymne’s passing, Tuesday was the 2 nd anniversary of her passing and as expected, coping isn’t easy, but I focus on the love she gave me and our time together. The convention was as usual, busy, as I am booked up well in advance with clients who come down from up country, and I do try accommodating them, as they do not get the opportunity often. I do however feel that the convention this year was not very well attended, by artists as well as tattoo enthusiasts. The recession I guess is felt by all this year, and with that in mind, I’m always surprised by the lack of marketing done by the organizers. A simple sign outside of the building I don’t believe is too much to expect. Having said that though, I really enjoyed this years. My convention weekend began with the arrival of my great friends Rob and his gorgeous wife Michelle, on Wednesday morning, we hustled back