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Had a awesome thunderstorm yesterday, raged for an hour and it was done, and the sun came out again and it was an awesome evening, cooled by the rain.  Its almost three weeks in Italy and as quickly as it often seems time here doesn't seem to pass as quickly as it does back home, days are long here and besides having dinner at 9pm people sit and chat till midnight, and by seven you're off again. It takes some getting used to the siesta lunch break for 3 hours though..... I am enjoying this trip immensely.


As another day closes, and it’s way past bed time I will keep this short, the day passed as many others have pretty much uneventful as usual, but the one thing that struck me is how many people smoke here, and how unaware they are of the dangers of secondary smoke on the ones around them, I thought I had seen the last of a smokey studio years ago, but to my surprise I seem to be in the depths of one in this day and age….. you would think that all the literature about the dangers, the very fact that it tells you on the pack that it KILLS, seems to not phase people here at all. You see that pack of Virginia killing sticks on the end of the piano? All you need to know about life is retained within those four walls. You will notice that one of your personalities is seduced by the illusions of grandeur. A gold packet of king size with a regal insignia.   An attractive implication toward glamour and wealth.   A subtle suggestion that cigarettes are indeed your royal and loyal friends. An


Today has been a long day, and I am constantly being reminded at how Italy an amazing country is becoming a quasi, eastern block nation. It’s depressing. On a brighter note, today amongst the well paying flash, I get to do all day long, I got to do a cool anchor I designed for a client, and it’s awesome to see that in two weeks, I am already building a good client base who want work from me. I start an awesome geisha on Friday and have a few more amazing pieces to show my skills. I’m up in the hills above the city and will be living here rent free which is really amazing, Beppe and Kenna take really good care of me, though they do treat me like I never been anyplace before and kind of feel the need to not let me do anything alone. I do speak Italian fluently so I don’t really get it, but it’s out of caring, so how can one complain.


Off to the country today, and my cousins leave..... Im gonna miss them, its short and sweet today, but beware, you know its all gonna come out

2nd Sunday

It's the second Sunday, and my amazing cousins are here from Prato, I love these guys they are the best, and the best news is that they are moving to Cape Town in Jan..... I can't wait. This town with them is totally different with them, it's more alive and we have so much to talk about.


Saturday and my cousins arrive from Florence today to visit, can't wait, the last time I saw them was January, so it's gonna be so cool to spend 2 days off with them, but first, another day to get under the belt, and it looks like a busy one

Beach or Beatch?

The heat just rises, and I am hiding away in the shop hugging the air conditioner, and they keep telling me this is just the beginning...... They have to be kidding... it's 35 and humid today!!! Im beginning to long for a Cape winter rain.... naaaaa not yet. As the days become a blur, and the work no matter what pours in, I seem to be just keeping my head down and powder dry, they are now seeming to meld into one long day with a nap in between. I look forward to Sundays and Mondays off. The town of Civitanova is very old, but not very large, nothing like the larger cities, like Florence or Rome, and it really is a holiday town thats based in tourism. the beaches are strange here, as they are part free and part pay as you stay, (Private) so you get an umbrella, a chaise and service from a waiter in your own little part of the beach, and you pay a certain amount for half or a full day, and fifty meters on the beach is clear and open to all, then in fifty meters another private beac

Picture Postcard

Last night was picture post card, sat at a pizzeria, on the street and had a great dinner. It had cooled a little and the wind helped a lot. These beautiful old buildings around us, with shuttered window and balconies to keep the heat out. Jasmine fills the air and mingles with espresso coffee, and the sound of the odd scooter buzzes by. It's 9pm and the sun is almost down. No one who knows the shop lets me pay for anything, it's a little annoying, but every penny saved certainly helps bring home the bacon, if you catch my drift, and besides missing my home, I am really having a wonderful time. As work goes, the stuff we do is like SA ten years ago, lots of small tribal, insanely small text, but as I said, more bacon....

Days like this

Another day done and work pours in, I feel a little pressure to stay, and in truth it's really amazing here, the weather at this time is perfect and it really is beautiful, but visiting and living are very different, and certainly could not make a decision in the time spent here. I think another trip will be in order. The shop staff are awesome and everything is done for you, while you take a break they lay out everything, even place the stencil, you get back to the booth set up your machines and tattoo, finish and clean up and it all begins again. I do miss Cape Town though.
Jeez I need to be in early this morning and I have overslept, damn,


Monday and we are closed, so another day off, which is cool, need some time to myself to discover this town.

Beautiful day

its a beautiful day here in Civitanova, its hot and humid, but Im told it's only gonna get worse....hahhahaha fun, not seen very much of the place as todays been my first day off, so Im heading of to breakfast and take a walk through the harbor


I am slowly settling in, there is a lot of work and I'm kept busy and not having to think about missing home, which I am anyway, but getting into a routine.

Day 3

Really sweltering here again, and they recon we will go to 40, but it’s the humidity that’s just extreme, I am however enjoying myself in the shop, and these guys are crazy, even put on a radio spot to advertize my arrival. And as we work they broadcast via webcam what each artist is up too, all a bit crazy. Having fun even though the average Italian is very conservative and I feel a little like the village freak. LOL…. It’s easy to forger how unique you are when surrounded by tattooed people till you arrive in a country still very much under catholic control. This is a little of daily life in Civitanova


I have been working on this back piece for Liliana, its to cover up 2 small pieces and of course do something awesome on her, I lined the whole back in a light grey, to get it all in, and every week we take a section and work it up, this is a part of the progress The day of departure has arrived, and I am feeling excited and anxious as usual, I don't fly well, and claustraphobia is not my friend. I am excited to be going to what looks like a very beautiful part of Italy I haven't seen before, and spend my days tattooing in a new enviroment, pick up new ideas, and see what other artists are up too. I do think I will go out to the tattoo convention in Pisa 24th to the 26th of the month and check things out. Well that's it for now, next stop Doha.


I am constantly reminded that everything you wish and ask for, and every need is met, what goes out comes back to you, and I don"t mean karma, everything I have ever wanted or needed, whether good or bad for me, inspirational or misguided, has found it's way to me, and often I have wondered why stuff happened and it's cause I been wanting it too. You do control your future, aware or unaware, illuminated or misguided. Im trying to be more aware of what I really want in my life. Not much to else say besides the fact that I spent the day tattooing Miriam, More flowers to her arm, Bleeding Hearts, Chrysanthemum, and a few Callas, I think it's coming along very well, and soon we'll have that sleeve done. 3 Days and counting, Im really gonna miss my girls but Sonya will be living here, so thats great, and they love her to death so I know they're gonna be well looked after.

4 Days

4 Days to go before I leave for Italy.... I am getting excited. Just been doing some work before I leave, and here is a "Dia De Los Muertos" tattoo I did for Christian, using his lady Salina as inspiration.



A beautiful day in Cape Town today, for a winters day it was really sunny and warm, and Laika and I headed down to the beach for a walk, which was awesome, for a husky dog the weather was perfect, not to hot. She met a young lab on the beach and they had a ball playing together, she really is sociable, then on the way back, she met a pug, and you would swear it was a double cheese burger from the Cattle Baron..... what is it with the small dogs???.... Bite size. The days been good, as my passport is ready for collection tomorrow morning, and that is a relief.

Home affairs

Time waits for no man, and to mark that passage my birthday comes up this week.   This is not something for celebration, when you’re over forty, but I hope to not have face too much of a who ha. As usual there are always issues with my plans, and as an ass, I have let my SA passport expire, so it’s home affairs today, and if anyone’s ever been to home affairs, you will know exactly what I mean, but without being negative about how helpful they will be, I’m gonna go in nice and positive, and hope for the very best. One week and I’m off to Italy for two months, I am excited, and apprehensive, at the same time.


It's so cool to be having a weekend at home, still woke at the crack of dawn, but just loving being at home nice and warm, my girls around me. Leaving in a week, so Im making the most of it, gonna miss my babies while I'm away. This is where I will be while I'm away, so if you are in Italy come see me. Tattoo Fantasy TomTattoo


ok running around today, sorry no issues, pearls of wisdom and random stupidity, well at least till tomorrow.


slept in this morning.... Lovely, Im off to finalize my flights so I will keep you posted. Clients with existing bookings, I will be tattooing you before I leave, so don't worry, I am working day and night and weekends to get to you all. Just want to re-assure you.