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Lost between red-tape and a jail cell with a slim chance of success.

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and before you think I'm off on a rant the truth is when you look at it from some ways off its rather funny, but it might also offer a few handy tips for anyone needing to re-register a vehicle. This week has been a really crazy one, full of having to achieve, but very little actually getting done except for a huge amount of learning. It is a fact of life that if you build bikes whether it's as a profession or as a pass time, you are going to have to deal with the government, be it the licensing or traffic department or police for that matter. This week I had the dubious pleasure to have to deal with all the above mentioned. On Monday morning bright and breezy I was on the road to pick up the bike trailer and from there to load 3 bikes. On the way I stopped and collected Nicci and Little Laika and off we went. One bike had to go to a friend who is reworking the frame, simple enough, and that went off without a hitch.  The next stop Stic

Un-fucking believable

So yesterday I spent 2 hours in a queue at the traffic department, to finally arrive at the counter to register my bike. I can't, why?  Because the guy I sold my Vespa to in April of 2014 hasn't bothered to register it in his name let alone pay the licence. Fan-fucking-tastic so I contact the guy,  and it's like dude, wtf it's been 2 years why haven't you done it yet? I been in a queue for hours just to find this shit out, now there are penalties and I can't register my bike till its sorted. The guy says he's sorry and he just hasn't got to it but it's at Vespa to be registered as we speak, now I know I'm a gullible twat but seriously after 2 years I'm supposed to believe this. Then he says I don't see why standing in the queue for 2 hours is my problem but I will sort this out. He's probably right it's not his problem, but had he bothered to stand in a queue two years ago I would have had no reason to speak to the twat, and se