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The epitome of uselessness FUCK TELKOM

There is no doubt that since the government has been taken over by the ANC  it has been a backward slide into the abyss. The rampant theft and rape of the economy has driven councils into the ground, and Parastalas have become the home of ineptitude. What follows is just the FaceBook messages between myself and Telkom, not the numerous phone calls done using my cellular, and the days spent waiting for no one to arrive. I don't get it, 3 days of waiting for Telkom, after they sent me messages about the date and time they were going to install. We have been without a line and ADSL for 2 weeks, it's crippling our business, it's truly unconscionable. So much money spent on a Hussein Bolt ad, and snails pace at services, what the actual fuck???? #telkom @telkom So... Telkom arrived today and .... "there's a fault somewhere and we can't install, thanks bye" ???? So what the fuck now? Just nothing, no future date, no someone will contact you, fuck all.