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So here we are once again, hell I guess it's that time again, and my saga continues in this constant struggle at merely coping. Today I left at 08H30 and off I went to Mordor (Canal Walk) the mall, had to get to a bank and sort out one account, then from there off to the workshop with the new parts for the Cafe racer, but as usual life's never that simple, I get to the bank, sit in a queue for 20minutes just to be told I need a proof of residence, for FICA, fuck I didn't bring it, so the young woman says to me "listen just go to your other bank and get a statement", badda bing, and I'm off. I get to my other bank and guess what the address on my account there is a P.O.Box, and the guy informs me this statement will not help with Fica....???? really, but it's ok for you guys, my love you long time bank???? my first thought is "I been with them 20 years, but then hang the hell on, I had to Fica 3 years ago when I moved" Ok the hell with this I'