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Went out last night to the Harley Clubhouse again, to See the last local performance of "Lonesome Dave" Dave Ferguson, and being a Geminian ass I get tired of the same band banging out the same songs, as they have a tendency to do, but Dave's creative genius just always shines through, his ability to create on the fly is without doubt one of the most inspiring and entertaining acts I have ever seen, and I've seen some. So to Dave my friend Farewell, fare very well, and I know europe and the world brings you the fame and fortune you deserve. MissHapp, M's Moore, Ms St Clair, M's Scott and all the others, your efforts did not go unnoticed, in the land of the tight little top and tighter jeans you ladies classed it up, as as usual, it really is nice to see that you keep to your sense of style and sensibilities. I was approached last night by a friendly woman, I won't mention names, at it really comes down to the crux of todays musings. I'm told that her

A nutha week passes

and as another week passes, the highlights just keep coming.... yeah sure. But a hell of a lot to gripe about as usual, so I will not bore you further. I will just give you some ideas to let your minds grumble upon: The royal wedding?????? The Cape Argus article on tattoos???? Public holidays....????? There are a few to get you started.... it all just leaves me..... Murfey

If I have to explain, you will never understand.

If this Led Zeppelin track doesn't make you love them, then the title of the blog is for you. Besides shaping my childhood, this band more than any other blew my mind open, and started an obsession with music that fuels my mind everyday, powering my imagination and driving me forward. To say something is a soundtrack to your life just doesn't begin to cover it. Happy Birthday to my friend and wingman, "the kid" hope you have the most awesome day! Did this for a good friend Jacques yesterday, love the piece, and the irony..... I did this on his calf a few years ago, and finally got a photo yesterday, besides the hairy leg,

Lay In

Another public holiday, and it's a freaking awesome day.... where is that rain from yesterday damn it, I wanted to spend the day under the covers watching telly and  Done some sketches the past week or so, here they are for you to enjoy.

Cold and Rainy

It's cold and rainy, I should just stay in bed, but an awesome sleeve awaits in the shop today, so it's hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go.... Did this yesterday...

Public Holiday

Easter Monday starts with trying to get this carcass out of bed, and with the fog horns blowing and the cold, it isn't easy. I feel like I could sleep forever, I wonder why, my body clock seems to be all screwed up, used to be I was awake at 04H30 every morning without fail, no alarm clocks, nothing, then after months of crazy insomnia, it's like I'm trying to catch up... weird... "so what...." you say, and I totally agree. Next.....???

Easter Sunday

Street Rod Nationals is over for another year, and besides all the drama with my car and some of the people in my life, I wasn't going to let it spoil my day, and I had a great day. The turn out was great with a lot of cars coming from all over the country and guy's even drove there "T buckets" from Johannesburg.... braver men than I cause that takes some doing. My good friend Mary Jane, took some awesome shots, and has been very kind to let me use some, these are her's so if you are interested in any please contact her via her site, and while you are there, take a look at how talented she is. And the song is dedicated to the other annoying factors of my day


It the Streetrod Nationals today, Maybelline and I are gonna have a ball and a biscuit…. I will post some pics tomorrow so you can take a look. Started one of my doodlings today, the Peacock Girl on Jerusha, I think it’s gonna be awesome when complete and happy with it so far. Take a look.


It the Streetrod Nationals today, Maybelline and I are gonna have a ball and a biscuit.... I will post some pics tomorrow so you can take a look. Started one of my doodlings today, the Peacock Girl on Jerusha, I think it's gonna be awesome when complete and happy with it so far. Take a look.

Good Friday

Thank God I’m working… days like these just highlight those no longer with you, and family far away…. To them.


It's all I have today...


Awesome day yesterday, got to complete some really cool work.

Blood and Hot Rods

I've had a nose bleed all night, weird, woke me up even.... wonder what that's about. This saturday is the street rod nationals are on at the Belville High Grounds, and although, Im not one for "Group Sex", as my car is for my pleasure, and not to gather to show it off and talk shit with another bunch of elitists, I will be going through, to support hot rodding in Cape Town. Fuck I'll just be happy to be driving my Maybelline again, since it has been a long while, with all the little bit's and pieces that needed doing. Im not one of these car guys who rattle off shit and make themselves important buy how much they know about cars, and who and how and all that shit, I fell in love with my car when I saw it, it came up for sale and I bought it, no long nights earning my stripes under the hood so to speak. I leave that to "those" guys they know so much more than I do. So if you want a good look at what guys are doing in the Western Cape, and "thos

Too much monkey business

At 2 this morning I was surprised to come across a 1987 Documentary on Chuck Berry. "Hail, Hail Rock and Roll"  I have always been a fan, and loved listening to his music, but this is cool, cause you get to know a little more about him. These days, young people don't even know who he is, but in the 50's he made a huge breakthrough for black musician, and besides all the other "Kings" of Rock and Roll, Chuck Berry really is the the only. Accessible to all at a time when America was segregated he was listened to and bought by all. This is a clip from that documentary, Kieth Richards is in the bad and Chuck has a whole lot of guests that join throughout like Clapton, Robert Cray to mention a few. This is one of my all time favorite songs by him too.

Great Night

Great night, need a lot more like that, now on a beautiful day like this, Im gone fishin', not literally but you get my drift...


Went out and saw Dave Ferguson last night at he HD clubhouse, I had a great time, even used my phone to record some of his performance, the quality isn't great, but hell.


What a night, plagued by nightmares, my perceived sins karmically coming back to haunt me. I have not had a dream I remember in a long time let alone being woken by a nightmare. There comes a time in a mans life when he has to look back on his misdemeanors, misgivings, misfortunes and miss-whatever-her-name-is.

Sometimes just because....


Don't you just hate waiting? cues, parcels, the doctors....etc. Mainly the parcels.... I think instant gratification you get from shopping online in this country is rather tarnished by having to wait forever for delivery.... Ok so I'm being a brat and I want my shit now... but you have to admit, that walking in buying it and walking out with it has a certain charm. For a special friend


My wonderful friends Pippa and Sekwa, have just become proud parents of a gorgeous boy, "Elio" Pippa gave birth at 14H26 on the 11th of Aprill. Im so happy for them and wish them and little Elio the most wonderful lives together
This little guys so cute.

Saturday night nightmare

A night of fits and starts, Eating tarts and breaking hearts Wenches, wrenches and wrecks, Only lust and excess.


A while ago, the great camera saga, I mentioned being a “mensch” and I was not really clear on what it means. A good friend and client brought this in for me, it’s part of an article written by Charlotte Cohen, and it sums it up well. What is a honourable mensch It is a voice, and the understanding behind it. It is the eyes, and the intelligence behind them. It is the recognition that support is needed, and asked for, giving it And the kindness that lies behind all of that. It’s keeping quiet when one ought and speaking when one should and knowing the difference. It’s giving praise deservedly and encouragement unreservedly. It’s standing up for what is right, standing up for ones own rights and standing up for a friend. It’s thinking with one’s heart and acting with one’s mind. It’s the fusion of up to date views with old fashioned values. Always maintaining a sense of honour, and always sustaining a sense of humour. A mensch is a person one can trust, who’s non-judgemental

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