Monday, 27 March 2017

Dog / God, God / Dog

I did one of the most devastating things I have ever had to do. On the 16th I had to let my darling companion for the last 13 years go, and tell her that we will meet again.

I know to most people a dog is just a pet and this seems probably a little dramatic, but for me, Laika shared most every moment of my life, I have spent more time in her presence that anyone or thing else. Laika and I barely moved without each other in viewing distance, where I sat, she lay in view, when I got up to work, she came and lay there, we went to the workshop and she would lay so she could watch me, and if I moved off to far, she would move to another spot to keep an eye on me.
If Laika was not in my peripheral vision, I would go look for her and 10 out of 10 times she was hidden in some corner from where she could see me.

Now that she has passed on, the void is cavernous, I don't hear her footfall on the wooden floors anymore, her breathing and sometimes snoring as she slept, those funny dream noises and paws moving. And those eyes, one blue one brown ever present ever watching.
I miss her insistent pacing in the morning to go for her walk and then stopping at the deli for her usual bacon treat, which they would prepare for her as we arrived. I miss the pressure of her stare while I tried to eat my dinner, I haven't eaten a pizza crust in 10 years, cause she loved those crunchy pieces so much, she would literally salivate at the smell of a pizza delivery.
She was such a con artist, she would paw you to feed her with eyes of a dog that had not been fed in days, so you would feed her, then she would go do the same to Nicci, and then the same again to Tanya, you would hear us shout as the food was clattering into her bowl... "I fed her a few minutes ago!" ringing out through the house, but who could resist.
We went everywhere together, if she was not allowed in, we simply would not go there, no food stores, no problem, order over the internet, no restaurant, no problem within a 100 meter radius we will find one that will, but Laika goes with. And she was great, she would get comfortable under the table and wouldn't bother anyone.
A woman client was asked who had done her tattoo, and when she mentioned my name the other person said "Oh I know them it's the guy with the white dog", that's us, trundling along.

Now, it's just nothing, no sounds, no cuddles, no fur, no eyes, no Laika, and it's horrible, it tears my heart into shreds

If you want to know about a higher power, get a dog, bond with that dog, and everyday you will see that power, that unconditional love, that's proof of God, that's a Dog.

Thank you Laika, I miss you.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

No you don't!

I'm gonna say it and I don't care if you like it or not but you do not have the right to an opinion.

You have the right to have an informed opinion, and that is all, and if you choose to exercise that right back it up with some nugget of good advise or wisdom, be in-fucking-formed.

I am sick and tired of people who sit behind computer screens sprouting shit about what everyone else is doing, yes doing!!!! you just sit on your fat ass and spew your critique as though you deserve to be able to do that. Well fuck you, you don't, and I will now have to explain this before you run crying to your hate spewing keyboard.

A good friend of mine Jens, is a custom bike builder, we tinker, he's a great designer and enjoys carrying it through to motorcycles. He built Octavia, a BMW G650 X Challenge.

 Love it hate it, it doesn't matter because it's what he wanted to build, and that was his vision, and you can criticise all you like, but until you get of your ass and do what it takes to build, trouble shoot then test ride and market a project like this, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!

(Insert whiney voice)
"But as a designer, and purely from a design point of view" No, fuck you, you have none of the parameters and problems faced by the project, so no you don't get to talk shit.

(Insert whiney voice again.)
"So what you are saying dude is that I can't have an opinion?" You can have one but keep it to yourself if you can't be constructive, and if an opinion is all you can offer, the very fucking least you can do is make it count for something.

So now all you armchair critics can have a field day, because from behind your screen you are nice and safe, the way you like to be, your little self entitled bubble. A safe place you can deliver your bile without getting a swift kick in the face for being the gutless dickhead you are. Go do something constructive instead of taking other people down. Give someone support instead of belching vile hateful comments, use the language to make something positive.

Sitting behind a screen in the safety of your bubble doesn't keep you safe from Karma.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

My Friend.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about a friend of mine, I won't go into names cause I am sure he doesn't want the attention.
I met him about 25 years ago, both of us proud cocks working at getting rich or die trying. The meeting was through a mutual acquaintance and I can't speak for him, but in my case the meeting was thorny and reserved. We were different people pulling in our own direction both believing the other was a bit of an ass. We met on several occasions mostly at the mutual friends place, he is a very gregarious type personality and was always doing stuff at his home so we would often be both invited, but still this distance remained.
I got divorced, probably one of the most traumatic events in my life, I left town to escape the fall out, I won't lie, I ran, I just could not put enough space between myself and all the damage we had caused each other. In doing so I left everything, but shouldered all the blame and abuse, the lies and deluded self deceit of my ex spouse. I have slowly build a small life, hand to mouth and most of it hasn't come easy. 5 years ago my girlfriend died in a skydiving accident, and it knocked the very foundation of who I am. What I am saying is things changed and so did the person I am.
Now getting back to my friend, with my departure, I lost touch will everyone, and as life does it has dealt him some very heavy blows. He was diagnosed with cancer, and he battled through it with the love of his wife and two boys, I saw pics and he was at deaths door more than once, and the suffering this family went through is indescribable. He beat it, and came out stronger for it, and has become a powerhouse sportsman, a real example to people, but life had not finished fucking with him. A year ago he was involved in a terrible accident that left his body shattered, the doctors said he probably would not walk again, at best he would have to use a cane. From a distance I watched his recovery, the pain and anguish he and his family went through again, and all I could think about was how fortunate I have been.
We met a couple of years ago and I had noticed a huge change in him, he had become very different, he had focused his attention on living his life and sharing it with his family instead of directing it all outward, and we began to rekindle a sort of friendship.
He and his wife came to see me a couple of weeks ago, and it's the first time I have seen him since the accident. I was so happy to see him walking and even competing again, to just spend time with him and see the strength of character and humility in him was amazing. He's one of those people that just make you want to be a better person.

So now that I have bored you with this story, you probably want to know what message I have taken from this or what you should take note of in this story, and the truth is that there isn't anything, life will deal with you however it chooses, so if there is anything you should take from this, is perhaps how you choose to deal with those knocks. As for me, I have taken what I needed from this and done what I should have with it by sharing it with you. Question is, what will you do with it?

Friday, 3 March 2017


"The 54 Special" Is our second street tracker, and began it's life as a Honda xlr 250, officially not imported into the country so quite rare. The frame has was not altered in any way and can be put back to stock with minimum fuss. However we did make the the seat pan with side plates and tank filler panel by hand in Aluminum. This was my first attempt at doing my own metal shaping.

The front wheel is off a Yamaha XJ650 that we drilled out and polished, giving us a 19 inch up front, I drilled it out a little to give it a lighter look. Why a mag rim? well I think it looks cool and by keeping it polished silver, I think it draws even more attention to itself, which for me equals cool.

We imported the rear rim in a 19 inch rim and after having been let down by the local Haidenau supplier I brought in the Shinko flat track tire for it, hard compound, we are seeing how it lasts.
It was important for me that it ran 19inch front and rear as the Americans do, and I have to say besides a little pressure on the couch that will be resolved with performance springs, it is amazing to ride. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun and nimble the bike is.

We took off the old light setup and clock and made a number plate, then mounter a led headlamp neatly tucked under it that we found at a local 4x4 supplier. The tail light is a strip led that has integrated indicators.

The tracker is completely road legal but ready to race it's for sale so drop us a line via e-mail if you are interested.
All Photos by Devin Paisley


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