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These gay days it seems

 In light of what we are seeing in the world today, specially in the US, I am always reminded of this song. In 76 this was an issue and it's half a century later and it feels more relevant than ever, why must people live in fear for being themselves, in fear of living when those around them do so without a thought for anyone else. We have allowed those loudest voices to rob us of compassion and love for one another, we have allowed them to brow beat us into hiding who we are, who our kids are, and in turn robbing us all of a future. I am not as kind as Rod about those that killed Georgie, in that time ignorance my have been a factor, today however this is not ignorance, this is malevolence, orchestrated hate. If this song doesn't touch you, go take a hard look in the mirror, I bet you won't like what you see. Oh yeah In these days of changing ways So called liberated days A story comes to mind of a friend of mine Georgie boy was gay I guess Nothin' more or nothin' l

Grazie Lucio Dalla

  It's us, there are many of us, we hide at night For fear of motorists, linotypists We are the black cats, we are pessimists We are bad thoughts and we have nothing to eat How deep is the sea How deep is the sea [Verse 2] Father, you were a great hunter of quail and pheasants Chase away these flies that won't let me sleep Which make me angry How deep is the sea How deep is the sea It's useless, there's no more work, there's no more decorum God or whoever is trying to divide us To hurt us, to drown us How deep is the sea How deep is the sea [Verse 4] With the force of blackmail, the man became someone He also raised the dead, opened up prisons He blocked six trains with related wagons For a moment it elevated the poor man to a difficult role to maintain Then he dropped him, crying and screaming, alone in the middle of the sea How deep is the sea [Verse 5] Then by itself the scream became a drum And the poor as a flash in the sky sure He started a war to conquer that