Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Love and Happiness

At this time of year when everyone is reminded that being a human being is being kind and loving, forgiving and tolerant, I feel that it's all bullshit, this is not a state for the holidays, this should be a constant state and something we should strive towards in our everyday lives. I blogged about being a "mensch" and perhaps it's good to remind ourselves what it means to be one. what follows is that blog

A while ago I mentioned being a “mensch” and I was not really clear on what it means. A good friend and client brought this in for me, it’s part of an article written by Charlotte Cohen, and it sums it up well.

What is a honourable mensch
It is a voice, and the understanding behind it.
It is the eyes, and the intelligence behind them.
It is the recognition that support is needed, and asked for, giving it
And the kindness that lies behind all of that.
It’s keeping quiet when one ought and speaking when one should and knowing the difference.
It’s giving praise deservedly and encouragement unreservedly.
It’s standing up for what is right, standing up for ones own rights and standing up for a friend.
It’s thinking with one’s heart and acting with one’s mind.
It’s the fusion of up to date views with old fashioned values.
Always maintaining a sense of honour, and always sustaining a sense of humour.
A mensch is a person one can trust, who’s non-judgemental and plays fair.
A mensch sees the world as ‘we’ not ‘I’
A mensch is always there.
A mensch is a manifestation of the human spirit, using the inimitable character that lies within , and the infinite energy that lies beyond.

Thanks Sari.


  1. Did you know that "Mensch" is the german word for human?

  2. It's common to use the German spelling, in Yiddish I have seen it used like mentch, but it is derived from the German for human being, nowadays it's been used in English and the c is dropped to mensh. It all comes from the German, but however it's spelt. you either are, or aren't a "Mensch"

  3. that´s true! :-)

    I hope we all have a better Year than the last one.....


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