Friday, 28 October 2011

Thank You Ms T

On Thursday, I was able to go to Barnet Fair Barber shop at 98 Bree Street, St. Stephens Church, in Heritage Square. I got there at about 09H30 and I did not need to wait, I was greeted by reception and made comfortable in a lovely old school barbers chair. The young woman barber, asked me about how I like my hair cut, and in no time she was cutting away and for the second time in Cape Town, the stylist/barber actually understood the way I like my hair cut, I fussy like that…. Anyway, it was great, all the while there is a well chosen selection of music playing throughout from some swing to Bowie’s Jean Genie, that had me foot tapping away and tempted to break out in a sing along with the chorus.
Next I was tipped back in the chair, made comfortable and the barber wrapped a hot towel around my face, and in the background I could hear her preparing the rest of the equipment. Off came the towel and luke warm lather was spread with a shaving brush, softening and raising the stubble, now my favorite, the strait razor shave, neat and precise she shaved me, I have some difficult areas on my face to shave due to the way I wear my beard and shaving them with a strait razor takes practice, I know as I do it every morning, but she did great. Another hot towel, but we aren’t finished yet, the barber then shaved me twice more with a 3 blade disposable, first against the growth, then another hot towel and lather, then with the growth, and finally a finishing hot towel. Personally I think it’s overkill, I would have been very happy after the strait razor shave, but I will say that after a splash of aftershave, I ran my hand over my face and it was so smooth it felt like someone else’s face.
All in all, it was a really fantastic experience and something I’m going to try do once a week if I can.

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