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A little this and that

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m not going to bore you with bullshit post every second day.
I have been meaning to get some stuff out, but have refrained, but some stuff just has to come out.
Firstly, I have plugged a restaurant called “Orinoco” in Bree street, great value and authentic South American food, I’m afraid to say, no longer, I took Nicci for dinner and two ridiculous portions of poorly cooked food, cost over R480-00, I’m sorry, but that’s just retarded, and had the food been of an epic standard, it would not have pissed me off so much, but this is just fucked up. I complained to the owner, and the best she could do was shrug her shoulders, well that’s blown it for me, they certainly will not see me there again, and I would suggest you stay away too. It is just amazing how the odd little magazine article and a little plug here and there can give people such an attitude, Bob said it best, “Be good to the people you meet on the way up, cause you’re bound to meet them on the way down.” 

Secondly, as I get older, I’m finding it harder and harder to go out, I thought smoking laws were here for our health yet every little twat needs to be smoking up a storm, that every fucking place you go to just smells like a sewer. Is it so very hard for anyone who smokes to understand that you are not just harming yourself, which we frankly wouldn’t dare stopping you from achieving, but that you have this narcissistic need to take us all down with you, is it really so cool? Is this the best your mind could come up with, to fit in?

So Shake Some Action on Saturday night was ok, I found the whole thing a little boring, and the music all a little dull, I was hoping for a little more of the previous parties, but alas, who knows, perhaps the next one.

Now on a more positive note, go take a look at Greasers on Facebook
This is a cool new men’s range coming soon, now that doesn’t exclude the ladies, as it’s going to be the perfect place to find that man something special. They have some really amazing stuff in the pipeline, so make sure you like the page and keep an eye on the stuff they’re posting.

And in ending, here is some work I have been doing, hope you like it.


  1. Looking forward to all the authentic product coming out!


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