Saturday, 11 April 2015

Remember remember the 5th of November.

It's been a while, I know, formulating these things in my mind sometimes takes longer than I would like.
I have a really bad memory, I have always had a sketchy one, but after a bike accident in 2006 it really isn't good at all, lets say it's selective, but I don't get to choose what sticks and what doesn't. I've been told that it's laziness and I should try harder, but I really try, I have tried making notes, then I can't remember where I put them, I started writing them down in a note book, when I can actually find the note book I can't remember what the notes were for. I have tried taking photos of how I built or stripped something and a couple of days later.... the photos mean nothing and I can't make head or tail of what I was doing..... Ok, I don't want to alarm you, a lot of stuff sticks and I function and do things just fine, but things would be so me easier if I could remember.
I am now going to get to why I wrote this blog, I have stayed out of the Rhodes Statue fiasco taking place here, as it's just another political ploy to sway people from the real issues the government doesn't want to face. That's it end off, or is it really? Is it not perhaps a far more insidious, dangerous thing that is taking place here. We have all heard it "you learn from your mistakes" and those who don't heed history are bound to repeat the same mistakes. This is why the Rhodes issue is such a problem for me, without the reminders of what took place in the past how will future generations know not to make the same ones again, and history is littered with examples, Hitler didn't learn a thing from Napoleon and made exactly the same mistake in Russia, I know it's a extreme example but valid all the same.
Time is not your friend, and it ravages all of us, our personal strife and issues will fade away like our ashes, but the reminders of what we have lived through, how we got here and the lessons learnt will be lost if we lose our history, no matter how good or bad it is.
We are living through the governance of this country by "the lost generation" and it certainly shows, will we let them allow the next to be even more lost, without any note books to look at so they be reminded everyday on that campus of how we came to be?
For the very first time I really am afraid for my young nieces and the young clients I have.

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