Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I feel free

I did this piece for Mandy, continuing the World War 2 Pacific theme with the burning Japanese Zero.

I have been to some dark places, and in all the distance and darkness, I was always able to know that my family was there behind me all the way, and it’s been a great comfort. I have recently discovered that some of that family really aren’t what they make themselves out to be and that my good friends, one in particular, was there to help and more importantly listen. I agree that life happens while you are making trying to live, and that it often gets away from us, but you had better be nice to the people on the way up, cause you are bound to meet them on the way down. The view gets a lot clearer from the bottom, not the top, believe me I know it well. But life is like the ocean, waves rising and falling and in time those highs and lows come to all.

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