Wednesday, 22 February 2012


service |ˈsərvis|
the action of helping or doing work for someone: millions are involved in voluntary service.
• an act of assistance: he has done us a great service | hevolunteered his services as a driver.
• assistance or advice given to customers during and afterthe sale of goods: they aim to provide better quality of service.
• the action or process of serving food and drinks to customers: they complained of poor bar service.

What has happened to it? It seems that service is a thing of the past, that as consumers we have no right to decent service, let alone GOOD service. It seems that people who own, or work within a store feel like they are doing you a favor, like dude, you are taking up valuable time they could be spending doing.... what?  For fuck sake, this is your job! Your chosen profession! 
I recently had some framing done at Cheston Art Gallery in Canal Walk, Century City, whatever you do don't get your framing done there. I took in 6 pieces two art prints, nothing too special, then two awesome prints shot of Laika, by my friend Rob Weedman, that I had printed on water color paper, very delicate and to be handled with care, and 2 prints of my Ratrod done by my friend Mary Jane Botha, printed on matte photographic paper, not delicate, but precious to me. I took it in on Tuesday, the guy behind the counter, didn't want to leave his breakfast so he sends the assistant to quote me, causing her to leave hers (What the fuck are you doing eating breakfast at (am in the store front?) she, has no idea, so he drops his toast and heads of to handle my images.... with those hands I don't think so, so after having him wipe his hands he takes the measurements, quotes me R1800 and tells me that they will be done by next Tuesday or latest Wednesday. I couldn't make the Wednesday, so I went in on Thursday, only the 2 art prints were ready, the rest was not done, really? I have been more than patient, even gave you a extra day to get the stuff done, driven through just to have my time wasted, could you not have picked up a phone and said "listen dude we are running late they will be done Friday"...?? Ok so I am pissed but calm, I leave and return Friday after getting a call Thursday evening to say that they are in the shop. Happy as a clam I go collect my framed work, so now I’m checking them out and on one of the delicate prints of Laika, there is a bit of rubber or dirt or something on the eye, the fucking focal point of the image, and no one has picked this up at all? I point it out and the guy says I’m sorry I will have to send it back and you can get it back next week... so now I blew a fuse, what the fuck is going on two trips weren't enough for you, now I have to come again, the image is delicate, how are you going to get this off? Why hasn't anyone here bothered to check that the work has been done right? And all this asshole can say is I’m sorry, but these people I send it too.... fuck that shit, it's your business, don't you give a fuck?

The truth is they don't give a fuck, nobody does anymore, I go to the supermarket and the teller is surly and rude at best, throws my food around and then talks in another language, and I have to be grateful for this service because even though there are 25 till points only 3 are open and I have to be grateful to get out of there. Once again they don't care, because the managers don't care, because the directors don't care, and the CEO doesn't care either. The fact of the matter is you don't care either when you accept this kind of service.

I take my Volvo to Tygervalley Volvo, for an annual service, it's funny cause I put only 4000 kilometers on it a year, I get there and tell them that my IPOD cable is making a noise. I have to get my car there, get back on my own, then get back to collect it, and guess what, they don't have the cable so my car has to go back again, all good, but they then tell me that my wheel alignment is out and needs to be done. I did this the very next day, and on my collecting the car, Tiger Wheel and Tire inform me that all is aligned but the right front left camber is out and it looks like either the bearing or shock are gone. I call Volvo, as my car is coming back please ensure you have parts for the front bearing and shock as these may need to be replaced, as the camber I am told is not correct on the right front wheel. The 3rd of Feb, Friday my car goes in for the cable and the right front wheel. I get a call at 3pm we are sorry, but the part we got was not correct, now we have to wait for the new part and the whole centre console is out and, and, and can you do without a car over the weekend?.... so now please explain what fucking choice I have???? They don't give a fuck and I just have to deal with this. So Monday I get a call after lunch, Volvo need to collect my IPOD and cable to test the new cable.... are you serious???? Are you telling me your vehicles come pre-installed with IPOD jacks and the whole dealership doesn't have a single IPOD or cable to test it with, and yet, and more importantly nothing about my wheel alignment, cause after my car being there all this time they haven't bothered to do anything about it. My car is finally delivered and the IPOD cable works, but there is apparently nothing wrong with the wheels, now remember that at the first service they told me there was a problem, and after having them aligned it's discovered the shock or bearings may be gone. So I argued till they took the car to "their" alignment specialist, and guess what, they tell me nothing is wrong with the front wheel... But at the first service you told me there was a problem!!!!! They don't care, why would they change the shock or bearings now when they have to pay for it, they would rather something happens to me in my car, than have to repair and do what they have undertaken to do under the maintenance plan.

So that’s service, the act of paying for something no longer means you can rest assured that you will receive any service or quality in the product, because no one gives a shit, so one day when someone eventually snaps and goes into a store and kills 50 people we will all go looking for answers in their past, religion, upbringing, never admitting that just maybe they just fucking deserved it. So next time the service is shit, do something about it, or you may just be in the store when someone snaps.

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