Saturday, 24 December 2011


First off, Merry Christmas and all that bullshit!

Ok so that’s over, I have been trying to sell my hotrod, to begin a new project, a café racer, well with a little luck, and a few great connections, it looks like I may not have to sell the hotrod after all. It did get me thinking and looking at motorcycles again, and believe me I have had many in my life, but the shear art of these machines, yes of course we are all aware of “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” and some even aware that the Guggenheim Museum did a huge exhibition on the art of motorcycles, but there are a lot of builders out there expressing themselves through motorcycles.
Now this needs to be said, and said early on. I am not talking about the garbage one sees in American chopper and the like, these are like watching a soap like “Days of our lives” but in a bike shop, and if that bunch are creative then I’m fuckin Van Gogh.
These programs follow a set pattern and this is visible in all that stuff, from the Cake Boss, to LA Ink, the latter to my beloved industries shame, but before I digress into a rant about how reality TV is nothing about reality, let’s gets back to the art of motorcycles.
I have talked about often in blog about how there seems to be a return to custom hand made, and this is seen in a lot of things, old crafts being nurtured and practiced to keep them alive and create art. So without boring you any further, take a look at this piece.

This beauty started it’s life as a Honda cb350, and it was never pretty, but the artistry and craftsmanship in this motorcycle is just staggering, from fabrication to paint, the attention to detail is incredible, this is beauty and the art of motorcycle Zen.

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  1. The pictures of the bike which you have shared here is looking fabulous. I think it is too difficult to maintain the antique bike and I feel very good that you have maintains your bike very well. I am totally crazy about antique bikes.
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