Friday, 7 February 2014

Know it all...

I'm so bored with it all.

I check the wires for some news on the world, and all I read these days bitching, jeez a little positivity some times would be nice, perhaps I should hang around a better bunch of

I find it funny however that those bitching and complaining are always the ones who shouldn't, hey and in this, I will own it too, cause it did make me pause a long while before I wrote this.

I'm just so tired of the stupid infighting and back stabbing going on in all fields, how no one can just shut up if you have nothing good to say, and don't mask it in constructive criticism, because you need the right credentials to get on that soap box.

It's said that to understand the man you need to walk a mile in his shoes, well in my humble opinion, before you criticise the man you should be running an ultra-marathon in his shoes, so before you go shooting your mouth off about how bad that artist is and how bad that band is, or how ugly that girl is or how badly made their product is, get off your ass and try do it yourself, hell try doing it better before you knock another. Example my girl works hard at being a burlesquateer, she is tireless at all aspects, costuming, she makes almost all of her own, rehearsing, conceptualising, hell it goes on, and I usually wake up in the mornings with sequins and stuff stuck to me and a sparky gem in my belly button. She conquers her demons and she gets out on that stage and she does her thing, just to have some kind of stupid cow criticise her for what she does and her abilities. Girly do me one favour, just get up there and dance, nothing more just dance? Bullet Tooth Tony from Snatch "Now there are two types of balls. There are big brave balls, and there are little mincey faggot balls." and there is no guessing as to the size of hers.
This isn't about me or my girl, cause we don't entertain the opinions of sheep, we just move steadily on, but I often can't help noticing all that stuff, and sometimes I just have to say something, so do us all a favor, before you take your foot out of your mouth and put the other in, pause.... think.... and that just leave it there.

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