Thursday, 23 June 2011

Beach or Beatch?

The heat just rises, and I am hiding away in the shop hugging the air conditioner, and they keep telling me this is just the beginning...... They have to be kidding... it's 35 and humid today!!! Im beginning to long for a Cape winter rain.... naaaaa not yet.
As the days become a blur, and the work no matter what pours in, I seem to be just keeping my head down and powder dry, they are now seeming to meld into one long day with a nap in between. I look forward to Sundays and Mondays off.
The town of Civitanova is very old, but not very large, nothing like the larger cities, like Florence or Rome, and it really is a holiday town thats based in tourism. the beaches are strange here, as they are part free and part pay as you stay, (Private) so you get an umbrella, a chaise and service from a waiter in your own little part of the beach, and you pay a certain amount for half or a full day, and fifty meters on the beach is clear and open to all, then in fifty meters another private beach.... weird. then again they didn't understand that our beaches are open, and no one serves you....

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