Friday, 10 June 2011


I am constantly reminded that everything you wish and ask for, and every need is met, what goes out comes back to you, and I don"t mean karma, everything I have ever wanted or needed, whether good or bad for me, inspirational or misguided, has found it's way to me, and often I have wondered why stuff happened and it's cause I been wanting it too. You do control your future, aware or unaware, illuminated or misguided. Im trying to be more aware of what I really want in my life.

Not much to else say besides the fact that I spent the day tattooing Miriam, More flowers to her arm, Bleeding Hearts, Chrysanthemum, and a few Callas, I think it's coming along very well, and soon we'll have that sleeve done.

3 Days and counting, Im really gonna miss my girls but Sonya will be living here, so thats great, and they love her to death so I know they're gonna be well looked after.

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