Saturday, 14 December 2013


I feel depressed today, infact the malaise has followed me most of the week like a turd stuck to the bottom of my shoe, no matter how hard you get rid of it, you can always smell it there.
Today we bury Nelson Mandela, I don't call him Tata, or any other term of endearment, I never met him, or had selfies done with him, or even got close to him, but if you live in South Africa, you sure have felt his presence. It's sad cause I don't mourn the man, as I know that as one, he had he's shortcoming as we all do, but the passing of a way of thinking and behaving, the passing of menchkite.
I feel that people can be judged by the way they treat those unable to protect themselves, and if anyone stood for those most in need, he did, but that's not why I'm depressed, I'm depressed that after such a great example, we have learnt sweet fuck all.
When last did you reach out to someone or something in need, done something selfless? When last did you not put yourself, or those really closest to you first, and just gave?
That abandoned dog needing a shelter, you just passed hoping that the image would not be seared into your mind forever, and you go home and wash it away with beer and tv. You can just pass it off by saying "well I just can't help everyone" why can't you? what stops you? I never gave without getting something in return, my menchkite, and not that I consider myself a mench, far from it, but this isn't just about me, though it starts with me I know.
I don't believe in Christmas, and all that shit, but if it for one day makes you grateful for what you have, then I'm all for it, perhaps it might make you think about those that have nothing.
I"m rambling now in a mixed up world, spinning in melancholy, so I won't bore you any further, all I ask is if you read this far, today of all days, be a mench

I mentioned being a “mensch” and I was not really clear on what it means. A good friend and client brought this in for me, it’s part of an article written by Charlotte Cohen, and it sums it up well.

What is a honourable mensch
It is a voice, and the understanding behind it.
It is the eyes, and the intelligence behind them.
It is the recognition that support is needed, and asked for, giving it
And the kindness that lies behind all of that.
It’s keeping quiet when one ought and speaking when one should and knowing the difference.
It’s giving praise deservedly and encouragement unreservedly.
It’s standing up for what is right, standing up for ones own rights and standing up for a friend.
It’s thinking with one’s heart and acting with one’s mind.
It’s the fusion of up to date views with old fashioned values.
Always maintaining a sense of honour, and always sustaining a sense of humour.
A mensch is a person one can trust, who’s non-judgemental and plays fair.
A mensch sees the world as ‘we’ not ‘I’
A mensch is always there.
A mensch is a manifestation of the human spirit, using the inimitable character that lies within , and the infinite energy that lies beyond.

Thanks Sari.

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