Friday, 20 December 2013

A good moon rising

Thursday night at about 9pm we had just closed the shop, and I was making my way home on my Vespa. Crossing over the bridge and onto the circle on ramp to the highway I saw the moon, it was huge and hung low over the Durbanville hills, bright and gold, it felt like you could reach out and touch it. Swinging around on the on ramp Table Mountain came into view with the sun setting behind it, this huge beautiful black mountain with the most spectacular vignette from aquamarine to indigo to black, behind it as the darkness fell.
I had just spent 10 solid hours tattooing and was really exhausted, but this beautiful vision could, no, would not be ignored and the message that came with it either, you really are your nickname Mr Lucky.
Lucky to live in such a beautiful place, but that's just the tip of the iceberg, I have two brothers, a wonderful person with two amazing kids in my life, and my child little Laika,  but those are the obvious ones, I am lucky all the time, my shop is doing well, I am surrounded by some of the most awesome friend anyone could hope for. I am lucky because I have the most awesome client base that is constantly growing, and lucky because they choose me to do what I love most, tattoo them. Lucky because ... hell there is so much and I could go on indefinitely, and this is not the reason for the post.  At this time of year saying thank you is something we do, and it ends up sounding glib, just lip service, but I don't care cause I always feel like this, and that is grateful, grateful for everything, the beauty, patience, compassion, love, happiness, health and on and on and on.... that I have in my life, so thank you, thank you so very much, form the very bottom of my heart thank you.

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