Monday, 11 July 2011

Waiter???... Ohhh WAITER!!!

Last night my cool German friends Christian, Salina and I went out for a drink at Hemingway's a bar on the beach rd Lungo Mare, My awesome cousins will remember it clearly, the barman/waiter "Stefano" a guy my age was serving us, its quiet a fancy place with a really plush layout and great air conditioning, something I look for in a place here.... it really is unbearably hot and humid. They lay out snacks with your drinks and it's all very nice, a bit over the top, but it's Hemingway's it should be to live up to such a name....
The first waitress arrived, she is at least 6/5 in flat shoes, and to use Selina's comment "You don't want to fuck her, you want to feed her" lol, if she lifted her arms she would fall through the crack of her ass. She chooses to ignore us completely, Stefano, has decided that he's no longer a waiter, turns on the telly and watches "Oceans Eleven" in Italian..... obviously, but its really funny to hear the voice they have chosen for George Clooney, something we certainly are not able to ignore as he's taken a table and turned it up so loud that we are drowned out by the sound, he's back to us. It doesn't take long for the extended tooth pick, to pick up a laptop from somewhere take a seat next to him and start surfing the net, and with this our service is over..... Unfuckingbelievable!!!!!

2 hours later after dinner we happen to walk past on our way back and in the window, Stefano the twat, and staff sit and play cards, not a sole in the place..... It's not surprising Italy is one of the PIIGS of the Eurozone, a term used for Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain needing bailout to get out of their ever increasing debt.

What the hell, it's summer, and it's beautiful, I got burned a little by the sun, while in the pool on sunday, something I haven't done since I was a

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