Sunday, 15 May 2011


It feels like something just turned a corner for me, I think that all I have ever asked for and needed has come my way one way or another, and I am so grateful, as for my life being perfect, well perhaps thats all opinion and desire, but for me right now it's damn good. Someone very close to me, in fact family, is going through a very trying time, and as he know he's done the right thing for him, the decision is one that is hard to make, and with it huge changes. There will be troubled and dark times ahead, and self doubt and recriminations, but holding fast, and believing will bring you what you need. My heart goes out to my brother.
Saturday Passed in a blur, as I worked on Jay from 10 till 5:30 pm, and this biomech cover up is turning out real nice, I have never spent much time on, or doing biomech, but I must admit, I am really enjoying the work and the challenges that i faced in this, we are not done yet as there is a lot to do still, and in 8 weeks we we'll tackle it again. His girl and my good friend Ursula, went for the Phoenix, and also after 5 and a half hours we got a lot done, but will need to finish up in 8 weeks, this piece is also gonna be really great, and her back is like a "Milo" as tattooer history, I have been tattooing her for 16 years, with the dragon on the lower part of her back being done first.

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