Thursday, 5 May 2011

Dance with me.

I started Sonja,s new tattoo yesterday, I was hoping to get more done, but this kind of thing takes time, and not to mention a lot of patience from Sonja, who sat really well, but after three and a half hours, it all gets a little much. In two to three weeks we can complete it and really sit and finesse it so it's really absolutely perfect.

Today I finish up Pauls chest piece, it's a cover up, of some very bad type with an awesome skull and rose design, I have been waiting several weeks to get it done, and I'm really super excited. I will post it tomorrow, so keep a keen eye.
I am gonna gripe a little though, and it's about the use of ones talent, admittedly tattoo is in fact a commercial art, but the art created by me, is mine, the copyright belongs to me, and even though a client has paid for it and it's in there skin, the work is still mine. So why is it that every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to just use it for their own self promotion? this goes to photographers, shooting tattooed people and posting them without mention of the work done by the tattooer. They are like Vultures hanging over carrion at the tattoo conventions. God forbid you use one of there images without consent and all hell breaks loose, but it's not really my point, as that is the hyperbole, and there are those that do take the time to ask permission.
I was approached by a magazine, to fill a page with some of my pics together with others, and when probed at why and how, and what kind of promotion for my shop would take place, the answer was "well it's a back page and it's not really to promote a shop".....bla bla .... So you want the hard earned and paid for in pain, by my clients photos to just fill a page so your magazine looks full, but you aren't interested in knowing a little about who and what they're about, you just want to fill your need at others expense.
So thats what bothers me, people work hard, to pay for their stuff, no matter what it is, if it's a tattoo they come to me, and I work my ass off to give them my very best, something that is special, and these people just want to take the fruit of that work and use it for their own benefit. "Cool Thieves" But I don't want to end this on a negative note, so with that said, you are your own cool.

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