Friday, 27 May 2011


there will be a lot of changes in the near future, and the announcements will come soon, but I will start with the bad one first.
My darling little girl Kona, one of the last in Chenooke's litter is nearing the end, and after 14 years she is not doing well. She has the heart of a lion, but the rest of her body is being ravaged by cancer, and I just can't keep her here cause I hate loosing her. I have been watching her carefully the past while, and things have been getting worse, and Im just not going to let my girl hurt.
After all we have been through, the church house in Linden, with the pack howling at the bells tole, to the big house in Northcliff, the flight to Cape Town and all the constant upheavals that came with the life I chose, she's been there, that strong heart, always reserved, but in those eyes always so very glad to be near her Dad. Laika and I will really miss her when the day comes to say goodbye.

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