Sunday, 29 May 2011


Last night the Cape lived up too it's original name, The Cape Of Storms, as a huge storm came in and woke me from fit filled dreams of my parents. I thought about those less fortunate than I in the city, those in shaks or on the street and "for the grace of God there go I" we often neglect these people everyday of our lives, and turn our backs on them, calling them bums..... I guess that's how life is, but how much time have you given to being thankful for the good things in our lives.
My parents were my grace, not in the sense that they were perfect parents and it's no secret that my Father and I had the worst relationship, but for mostly poorly educated, blue collar workers, they did the best they could. So it wasn't that perfect little iconic family, with every need being attended to, or even being noticed,  but with the tools they had, and the damaged done to them by life, they made sure 3 boys grew up reasonably strait and true, and with some values, that I don't see in a lot of kids around today.
I feel melancholy about the past, as my parents have passed and I never really told them how thankful I am.

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