Monday, 18 July 2011


Yesterday 3 Eagles soared above the villa, and scanned the fields below, as their cries filled the air. One was smaller and I think perhaps it was a hunting lesson for a youngster. They soared for a couple of hours and my host mentioned the feeling of freedom they gave, and I suddenly needed to get back to the hotel, this place as far as living goes is wonderful, a pool, my own cottage, everything laid out, but I just haven't seen enough of the city and met enough people, so I have to have them take me back, I need to see and experience more than the shop and the villa.

So today I broach the subject, hopefully they will understand, and not be offended, but I very much doubt that, and non-to my surprise it was taken as an offence. I understand that they may feel that way, but the sentiment is rather selfish, as my needs just haven’t been taken into account. Jim Morrison said it best, “people are strange when you’re a stranger” it’s out of context of course, but apt.

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