Monday, 4 July 2011


I am constantly amazed at the double standard here, they recycle all their trash, then while driving their cars, unwrap the cellophane from a pack of butts, throw it out the window, smoke a fag, and toss it also out the window?????? Wtf.

It’s illegal to buy anything without knowing, and having proof of where it came from. E.g.: A guy offers you his phone, it’s a new hot model, you buy it, but it’s stolen, and it’s traced to you via the imei code. You are as guilty as the thief. I know you are going to say yeah but a good lawyer would handle something silly like this blab la bla, but you get the principle right?

Then please will someone explain why it’s ok for a lot of tattoo supply companies here to stock clone products from China? This is exactly the same issue, they have stolen the designs from hard working people in the industry, and flooded the market with poor quality cheap garbage, and the only way they keep doing this, is because these suppliers keep them in business.

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