Monday, 29 August 2011


It’s been a while since I did an 11 hour tattoo stint, and my hands are feeling being so tattoo unfit, the last two weeks has been a good break, but I’m back and at full force again.
I will be working at Body Architects in Claremont for a while, so if you are out and about and you feel like visiting please drop by, and say hello.
I’m feeling a little lost and at odds with myself, and it all boils down to not achieving. It’s brought to the fore by a conversation I was having with a friend about how there is a trend to moving back to hand crafted product, one in the making of, and two in the buying, and the related psychology involved. There is a move back to handmade, and I see the sense in it, I know that with myself that I am very lucky that everyday I get to start something, finish it and see the clients reaction, right away and there is a lot of satisfaction in that.
I’m not suggesting that landing that huge contract or getting that promotion in the office, doesn’t give the same thrill, but there is more to it then that, there is a sense of well being when one is physically creating something, and seeing it’s impact, the use of it.
I once had to build a wall for my cousin in Italy, I was a young punk, and I mean I was in safety pins and a Mohawk, actually in the other sense too. I was daunted by the task, but I was doing nothing and it was a great spring day, so I stripped off to my shorts and spent the day building, to say the wall was strait and a good job, would be a huge exaggeration but I have to say that at 8pm when the sun was beginning to set, I felt good, felt invigorated. This is what I think is missing, and why we are seeing so many depressed people, that we are doing things that don’t make us feel like we are achieving, this may just be that we have stopped looking at what we do as an achievement, or it may be that we are made to feel like what we do is not an achievement by those around us. Perhaps this is all bullshit, perhaps I’m making the kind of statement that pisses everyone off, but think of those guys in the early 1900 in the garages, building cars out of chunks of metal, molding panels and getting them perfect, then taking them out and racing them, imagine the satisfaction in the creation, imagine the achievement and the pleasure.

I just got Cee Lo Brown’s CD “Lady Killer”
I was ready to really hate it, but to my surprise I love it. It’s like the Motown sound is still alive and Phil Spector hasn’t lost his mind and we are all just dancing again.

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